Links to eBay or other Auctions - Buy/Sell - COVID-19 Lockdown Woes

Hey everyone, wanted to let anyone know if anyone of you CHU readers are affected by city and government lockdowns that cannot work that might be selling comics, collectibles or anything for that matter to get some extra cash or funding to stay afloat during these crazy times, feel free to post links here to your eBay auctions or post what you might have for sell directly to avoid eBay fees.

We do ask one thing, if you post something for sale that’s outside of eBay or another online market place (these have protections in place), please do any correspondence and deals through direct messages here on the forums (which you can exchange emails or personal contact info to complete the deal). We ask any deals done directly, CHU cannot be held liable so we prefer exchanges done through 3rd parties but we won’t limit people to bypass 3rd parties to save on fees, etc.

If we have enough interested or posts generated, perhaps we can startup a separate category for such things.

Thanks Poyo this will help me out.

I don’t know how to post links but my eBay user name is 735var1. You can check out what I currently have available and I’m always opened to offers from CHU members

Here’s a link directly to your listings: 735var1

Thanks Poyo.

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no one wants any of my high priced boochit!

Some stuff I did post a little high but that’s cause I am probably trying to make a sale on something else and hope to draws some commotion (controversy creates cash)

my user is Cruzzer2

Here’s the direct link to Cruzzer2’s items for sale. :slight_smile:

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If anyone is still interested, I have some auctions going for $2 and some slab books for cheap.

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I’ve got a, “Vengeance of the Moon Knight,” #1; 1-in-20 David Finch Variant I decided to sell in my quest to save up for a really low-grade, "Werewolf by Night, "#32. I would say my copy is in 9.4/Near-Mint condition with no apparent damage or imperfections beyond some minor shelf-wear and a little fold-spot evident on the back cover that is barley notable, but I want to mention so as to be fully transparent. Feel free to buy it, my chums.

Link here.

David’s Other Items

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When i was doing a Moon Knight Drawing, I was looking for reference and that cover came out on top all the time. Very nice book and David Finch never disappoints.

Hope this is OK to post. Thanks for looking!

Items for sale by greencarver