Lobo getting his own show on Syfy

It was announced today that Lobo from Krypton season 2 which has yet to air, first episode airs tonight will be getting his own show. In double Lobo news it was announced today as well that the Michael Bay movie of Lobo is also moving forward.

Omega Men #3

the last Czarnian rules … :vulcan_salute:

Finally…now I just need the price to go up so I can flip my graded copy…

The price will go up. A lot of Omega Men #3 out there so I think more concrete info needs to come out before people go nuts over Lobo’s first appearance. His very own show is kind of a big deal, if anything it will give him a ton exposure to people who may have no idea who he is. “If” Lobo appears in a movie or gets his own (along side a show) the book could skyrocket. Now is still a good time to make a purchase. 9.6 copies are still available for $100 to $125 and some 9.8s are out there for under or around $250. Looks like Omega Men #3 is approaching low risk territory with the potential for some decent gain. About time!

Idea for DC/Marvel Crossover Event A La “Amalgam” ::

“Lobo vs Deadpool” … :vulcan_salute:

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Would be hilarious and gory!

saw this, didn’t even know hbo was trying to make a cartoon for them