Lois Lane #8

Think lois lane #8 cover A will heat up abit,1902187_ful sold-out at Midtown

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Hope so… new villain looks cool! I ordered 5 copies at cover price this morning - hopefully they ship!

Now Available at mycomicshop.

Swarm swarm!!!

I took a chance on 4 copies…2xA and 2xB.

It is a nice cover.

I like the blue negative background, but something ain’t right about Lois’s face…she kind of looks like a man, baby.

B cover is cool, though.

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She looks like she just woke up from a night of drinking, and sleeping in a hot tent. Why is her hair so unkempt?

I’m not digging the headshot cover either… just kind of odd if you ask me.

I don’t like it either

I actually prefer cover A to both 7 & 8.

Grabbed 1 copy each of 7A/B and 8A/B.

7 is starting to pop now.

It should. I think it’s a first appearance, it’s more than just a cameo in my opinion.