Loki Disney+ show

trailer comes out Monday


it’s been quite hit or miss lately with MCU stuff but I really did like the first season so I’m kind of interested.

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I think Loki has been my favorite MCU series thus far.

Been excited for season 2 which seems like forever.


Season 1 was good. I’m excited for this season.


Considering I didn’t make it through Ms Marvel She Hulk or Secret Invasion, I am hoping for a win here with Loki Season 2

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I still haven’t watched none of those along with Falcon Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, Black Widow movie, Loki first season… heck, never even finished Wandavision… just don’t have time to sit for hours watching television nowadays.

I still have yet to watch the last episode of Ms Marvel.

How pathetic is that? Sat through all the meh episodes, and the final episode is where I stopped?

It’s like eating a bunch of bad subs and there’s incentive to get a free sub after 10. No one stops at 9 bad subs.

So you’re saying you’ve watched all of them?

Whistle. Flag on the post, double negative on the original poster.

Wandavision is the only one I couldn’t get past the first episode. I’ve suffered through all the rest. Loki was actually good, and probably the best Dis+ MCU series.

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Huh? I haven’t watched any of them… :thinking:

Trailer for Season 2

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pretty damn good trailer


If you look real close around the 13 sec mark you can see hints of Mephisto

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ohhhhhh noooooooooo. Please please please. No more Mephisto! lol

I thought Mephisto was gonna be in, “Ironheart,” or something?

Oh, ya’ll are just being silly.

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I didn’t know they cast Quan!!! I think O.B. is a new character for the show. That should be fun!

That means the rumor that Quan was playing a character called Ouroboros in Loki season 2 is true. At the time, the character was described as the person in charge of the technology at the TVA, which the Loki season 2 trailer confirmed is the case. The “Ouroboros” name has connections to Norse mythology that could make Quan’s character closer to Loki than one would think, depending on how much Marvel decides to play with it.

Ok, seems like the season would be about looking for Sylvie. I am looking forward to next week’s episode.

is that short round ? aka data ?


Yes. He’s been in the previews. His character is the name of the first episode ( Ouroboros). Aka, O.B.

Don’t miss the post credit scene.

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