Loki Disney+ show

Will be interesting to see if She-Hulk #3 (2006) does anything being Mr. Oroborous first app.

Cancelled Disney the minute Ahsoka s credits rolled. Will resub in a year or so and catch up. Price increase made it an easy call.

Maybe your opinions on shows will make me change my mind moving forward though.


If you allow commercials price drops.

It’s not even the same character, really. So I don’t see it doing much of anything. This character has been known to be in season 2 for a while now…spec, if any, has passed.

BTW, first episode was better than the entire Ahsoka series. Stakes are high, non-stop action/suspense. And hilarious at the same time.

The only Disney+ series better is probably Andor.

The only downside is Loki is 6 episodes.

That 1st episode was great !! Cant wait to see what the rest of the season brings :grinning:

I still need to watch the first season of Loki and Andor. Have to get through Book of Bobba Fett first, halfway through :laughing:

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And here I was thinking I’m a million years behind by FINALLY finishing up on Season 2 of The Boys :wink:

(Which was freakin’ awesome btw!)


Just watched Episode 3. Man, this show is complicated. I like it.

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Best show Disney/Marvel has ever created.

Anything good come out of it? Haven’t watched yet

Watch while you’re exercising.

Loving the Disney reboot of Doctor Who so far…

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O.B. Was right. They’re all gonna die.

Phenomenal episode. Loved it. The ending was kind of a total gut punch. For them, not me, lol. It was like….yes, they got this.…!!!

Oh……maybe not.


When are they going to visit Mobius at the Jet Ski dealer??? It has to be next episode. I’m dying just to see that scene!


Best show on tv right now

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I am, admittedly, enjoying it.
I always always always worry about time travel and multiverse stuff, but this series, as it stands self-contained, is done quite well.

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The lesser known part of the story is that Martin actually had a lot more to do with season one than his staff writer credit implies. During the later stages, Waldron had to depart to write Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so he handed Martin the keys to Loki. Martin not only wrapped up their season one finale episode, “For All Time, Always,” but he also rewrote much of season one due to the pandemic’s unforeseen impact on production. So Martin’s promotion to head writer ahead of season two made perfect sense.

Waldron is a hack. Should have never been hired by Disney to begin with.

I am really liking Major’s portrayal of Victor Timely…wouldn’t mind a period piece focused on him. Or a buddy movie with OB…


Meh… it would just distract me and I wouldn’t focus on working out.

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