Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Gwen!

With everything coming up Milhouse…er…Miles…people are also realizing there is Spec in the Spide-Gwen World beyond EotSV2 and Peach Momoko covers.

Check out Spider-Gwen 24, first Gwenom…selling nicely these days.

Time to start making a list of “key” issues.

ASM #9 is her second appearance. Issue 1 of her fist series is another to look out for in high grade. In fact, I like a lot of the early covers in her first series…

And Spider-Women Alpha has always had a little buzz as the first team up comic of Silk, Gwen and Spider-Girl (or was it Woman)?

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Once I bought 300 copies of Harley Quinn #1 rebirth I still have to see those two full small boxes of dead spec the only other time I tried this was a 100 copies of 1st Gwenom so just wow.


For when people realize it’s an important book, you could buy 100 copies of any new symbiote and make a return like if you bought 100 copies of Venom #3. Stuff like 1st SheVenom gets top dollar so I figured this would translate one day. 60 cover A’s and 40 Venomized cover Bs and I have the JSC Gwenom variant graded 9.8 so I don’t even need one copy to keep.

This is why I can’t use unknown comics anymore I also bought 75 copies of the lenticular for #25 and Gwenom appeared in 24 instead and they were a month late to ship it so I told them to cancel it.

I was talking about Harley Quiin #1.

Oh I thought at least double cover or more as Harley Quinn #1 and #1 New 52 all sell well and decently. I think I recouped $40 give or take and they a 1.67 something like that a copy from MM comics pre foc.

It was a lost but still maybe one day in the future it will work out.

Everyone is all about Miles & Gwen & I’m over here buying every damn Silk book & variant I can get my hands on.
I love the Silk character…she has some amazing covers & variants that are still going under the radar imo.


Sometimes you gotta take risks. SG24 looks like it’ll pay the bills for a while…just don’t saturate the market.

I have two copies…on I bought from Poyo a few years back during one of his Black Friday sales…


I’m holding for now. I’m not very smart on SG, but I do know a movie live action movies are a guarantee, likely a block buster,
and will eventually include gwenom.

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Silk is good cheap spec right now…she’ll have her moment when everyone gets Gwendolyn fatigued and looking for another outlet for a while.

The prices are up on most Silk books…Just imagine what they will be when there is concrete news a show/movie is moving forward.

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I was going through one of my small boxes to find books to sell and I came across 2 copies of EofSV2 3rd Print. Those copies are going for $100-150 each. I remember I couldn’t even get $5 for them. That’s why I kept them lol. Good thing I waited.

Going to list one this weekend to see what happens.

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What the heck? About a year or two ago I couldn’t even sell these for $10 or so… I think I still have 3 of them myself. I still have 2 x EOSV first prints and a 2nd print (which was the hardest of the additional prints to get).

I still have a 1st Print but wasn’t able to get a 2nd print.

2nd prints are going for $300

I’ve been telling everyone how much you love Gwen for years Poyo see now you’re rich :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh I’m still on the Silk bandwagon but I know when to pick up books that others will want down the road from time to time.

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Exactly all about Silk.

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Maybe I’m off my rocker but I still think ASM vol 1 #31 should be worth a whole heck of a lot more than where it is at now.

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I bought it when EOSV came out and hasn’t done much since.