Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Gwen!

Yeah, it is looking like first SpiderGwen is one of the big keys for millennial collectors where first Gwen Stacy is for the “old” collectors. I’m not complaining at all, I bought mine in the late 80’s early 90’s. Think I spent $50 for it. Pretty sure it would get an 8.5 if/when I send it in. I just thought it would have done more.

Gwen and Miles are Marvel’s power couple. EoSV 2 going it’s in a 9.8. So anything Miles or Gwen is a good pickup.

Yeah, funny that I bought a bunch of UF #4 but didn’t get EoSV #3. I may have to sell or trade one of my UF4 or Shazam 28 to score one… Need to look into the CHU sell/trade section.

I should be listing a EoSV #2 3rd prints here today or tomorrow… Not sure if I’m ready to offload the first print or second prints yet… I only have 1 of each. :slight_smile:

I’d be in line to buy as well. I was not collecting during the time frame of any of these books (Miles, Silk, Spidergwen). While some I found in the wild (secondary type stuff) & plenty of Silks first. Ive never found the “keys” in my hunts.

Which ASM #9? There’s like five of them in the last five years alone haha.

I also don’t really see Spider-Women Alpha going anywhere… it was a bizarre rumor that someone made up and the book has been going on that fume alone. It’s not really the first appearance of anyone, they’re not a team, and if they’re in a movie it wouldn’t be that exact same composition- I can’t see Jessica Drew in a Spider-Man movie, for example. They would use more likely Gwen, Silk, Arana and the weird de-aged madame Web that’s been rumored. I would prefer Black cat personally, I don’t like all these Spider-Man derivatives like the Bat family.

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We need Black Cat in the MCU already

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I have an ASM 149 low grade up on eBay now. I had it for years and recently upgraded my copy. Figured it was time to let the low grade one go.

My wife is looking for a low grade one to read since her’ s is graded. Might throw in a bid and see what happens

Posted this on the main site in Alana’s Spider-Gwen keys, but repeating it here in case people have moved on from that article.

I’d like to take a second to point out a few non-first that shouldn’t be over looked and are relatively in expensive books for the PC, possible future spec.

ASM Vol 3 #9 is the second appearance of Spider-Gwen. Why do we care? Look at what Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1 is doing right now. Granted UCSM1 is an awesome cover and hard to find in high grade, and Cover A ASM9 is not either of those…but the variant (comic exposure store variant) does have her, plus a first cover of the Spider-Women crew…I guess they’re not an official team, but you never know. Still a cool Paqual Ferry cover. There is a color variant and B&W.

Speaking of Spider-Women, Spider-Women Alpha is their official “team up” book, and the 1:10 cover has always been rare and pricey. But don’t sleep on the cover A Yasmine Putri cover…it rocks as well, and has spiked a few times in the past up to about $25 (I know because I’ve sold a few). Spider-Women Omega #1 also is a nice Putri cover, but no spec otherwise. Both nice cheap books for the PC for Spider-Gwen fans. Sometimes a nice cover is enough to spike a book.

And last but not least Let’s not forget about her first solo title book. Spider-Gwen #1…1st and 2nd prints are pretty abundant, but the third print is scarce. A raw NM copy 3rd print recently sold for $65 on eBay this past weekend. I bought the other 3rd print which came with a 3rd print of issue #2 for $60 a few hours before that sale. Like Miles’s first solo series is climbing, expect this one to climb as well in future years…it’s a pretty cool cover which reminds me of Into the Spiderverse movie…so a bit of nostalgia there.

Have any of these, Alana?

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I have the different #1s for Spidergwen or ghost spiders. I’ve always dug the Hastings connecting Gwen and Silk #1s. I did want to put down the first time Peter, Miles, Gwen, and Silk meet are in the same book but didn’t want to flip through 20 or so books to find it.

Think I have a Alpha too

Anyone happen to know which issue Gwen and Miles first met? I know 12 is first kidd but I assume they met before that. Not a series I read.

I’m not sure if you ever got your answer but the volume that started in 2014. Same volume Silk debuts in. Issues 9 through I think around 15 are all a Spiderverse story with several firsts in that run.

I very often find issues #5, #7, #9, and #10 (of the 2014 run) sitting in bins for cheap as people are so laser focused on #4 that they ignore anything else. All of those books have good potential.

I haven’t found many 10, but I run into 1, 7, 9, 12 a lot at cover which are good books.

Which series?

I think 11 as well as first Japanese Spider-Man (that’s not on a tv screen cameo thing) and his robot.

Getting off topic here though. poyo’s gonna get angry.

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Leopardon is 12 not 11 I believe