Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Gwen!

We are talking about the 2014 series. That first run of 6 Spiderverse stories. 9 through 14 I believe. Same volume Silk debuts in issue 4.

Heh, natural progression is fine. It’s the outright hijack that we need to watch out for.

For example…

Hey @D-Rog, did you watch Old Guard yet on Netflix? Great movie… I think it’s better than this Spider-Gwen crap… :wink:

Thanks. You’re right. My bad. Going on memory…usually odds aren’t in my favor when I do that…

Arrived today (3rd Prints)! Very happy!


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You want a first print of Spider-Gwen #1? I’ll sell ya one…

Actually have one sitting in a cart right now, NM and below cover. Both issues 1 & 2.

I’m not sure you can beat that price, but I appreciate you looking out for me!

Did sombody say Spider-Gwen ?

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