Lucifer coming back for season 6

Looks like Lucifer has found a good home at Netflix and is being renewed for a 6th season. Pretty amazing since the show was basically cancelled after season 4. Will be interesting this season since Lucifer was in the cross over of infinitive Earths on CW last we saw him.

So glad they resolved the contract dispute with Tom Ellis. I talk mad trash on the CW, but watch this show religiously when no one is watching. It’s my guilt pleasure.

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I was watching and then fell off, I haven’t been watching much but documentaries. I also fell off of Supernatural which I loved that show, got hokey near the later seasons but was so good. Loved the monsters.

It took me quite a few tries to get into. The dialogue is just sooooooo bad sometimes, especially in that first season, and as a die hard Lucifer fan I did NOT like that they turned the show into Law and Order: Devil Unit. Tom Ellis is just too damn charming though and overtime it hooked me. I love it, and whenever my son is asleep and my wife is doing something else I pop it on. I just can’t publicly watch it. I teased my wife waayyyyyyyy too much about the Bachelor over the years for her to catch me watching Lucifer. I’d never live it down .