Mail Price Hike (Possible)

Just finished watching the news. Potential price hike on priority and first class postage from Oct 3 to Dec 26.

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I heard stamps are going up. Makes sense.

with the loss of sorting machines and staff makes sense

I’m honestly not exaggerating, after last year’s nightmare scenarios, I will stop any and all mailing from a week prior to Thanksgiving through Christmas. Not worth the stress. I fully understand that many rely on it for their business of course.


Mail just went up in January for me one pound first class was 4.80 now it’s 5.99

It’s the idiot in charge sinking the post office that’s part of the problem. I mean you can’t extend mailing times and slow up the whole process and then charge more. It’ll drive people to the competition which I believe is the motive behind it. Or part of it. Anyone see the stamps they have available? Some of the best in my opinion. Especially the Sun Science ones.

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Also, could this one thing in everybody’s kitchen being slowly killing you? Find out tomorrow at 10.

My mother-in-law gave me a sheet of the new Star Wars droids stamps and told me I could use them on my mortgage check envelopes. I smiled at her and said “you don’t get how this works, do you? You hand me this Star Wars thing, then it lives in my house until I die.”


We all know full well if it goes up it won’t be temporary, the price will probably stay up.

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If it stops me from getting these, I’m all for it.

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I work at Costco and we have been pushing our STAMPS like crazy as of late. We sell books of 100 Forever Stamps for like $54.

I am not on the register often but everytime I get on, even if it is only for 20 minutes, I sell at least 6 packs…

August 28th is when the price change takes affect, but them FOREVER STAMPS are Foooooooooreeeeeeeevverrr…

I bought a roll of 40 stamps months ago and have used like 3 so far. I think at this rate, those 37 left will last me at least until 2028 I think…

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I just finally this year finished off my Batman stamps from 2014. Shipping rates are another story, though.

Stamps are like gas prices…goes up a few cents and people loose their minds…

I’m surprised single 1oz stamps aren’t obsolete already… Email was suppose to kill them… :wink:

That and the penny…even the nickel is useless now…and just costs us taxpayers more money than they are worth.

1.76 cents to make a penny.

7.42 cents for a nickel.

3.9 cents per dime.

8.62 cents per quarter.

What’s funny is pre 1982 pennies are now worth 0.03 cents based on their copper content. But you’re not allowed to melt them so don’t even go try… :wink:

“Weird Arby’s Guy”


I squish them in those penny presses. If you squish pennies post 1982 you get that smeared zinc insides,

I also like squishing the only Steel 1944 pennies.