Mandalorian Season 2 trailer

Im ready for this!! I wonder how long before Mando shows up in a comic


I was so surprised when I found out a couple of weeks ago that the second season was starting up again so soon. I thought for sure it wouldn’t be until next year. Very excited!

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Yeah I watch a lot of movie YouTube people Campea. Tyrone. Reel Rejects. Etc and I knew it was coming but the trailer drop this morn was out the blue. I’m real hype for this. Winter in another quarantine got a lil better.

Was surprised on so soon myself, which is not an issue since I’m pumped. Going to have to rewatch season one.

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I’ve got a 9.8 Star Wars #42 for sale, if anyone is interested.

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I merged your topic since someone already posted. :slight_smile:


There’s been some talk of drama regarding the direction of the story and Disney not being happy about it. I really hope that is overblown because Mandalorian is easily the best Star Wars going right now (especially since Clone Wars ended).

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My thoughts:

  1. Mess up/mess with The Mandalorian and Disney will feel a great disturbance in the Force…as if millions of Disney Plus subscribers cancelled their subscriptions (Don’t forget, a very large majority of Disney Plus current subscribers are still on their first free year from Verizon as well).

  2. Everything I read,hear, sense about Dave Filoni (and I’ve also met and talked with him personally) is that he will do what he likes/feels is best with regards to Star Wars. He gets it! There is a reason The Mandalorian was so successful and not just with the old school herd of SW fans. I truly do not believe he is beholden too all that much. I believe if you take away his vision/make him alter what he wants to do or believe in, he would simply walk away.

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yeah makes the forum looks clean

You guys are mistaken if you think Disney cares about how Star Wars fans feel, did you all forget the last trilogy so quickly.

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I never once stated that Disney cares about how Star Wars fans feel…but they do care about their profits and that is why they will continue to let Filoni do his thing with Mandalorian.

Why do you think that we are still seeing the essentially, normally scheduled release of the Mandalorian second season on October 30th? Because season one aired on Nov 12th last year and they knew darn well that they would lose a massive amount of subscribers if they didn’t rush to finish primary production in March so they could do post production as fast as possible and hit this date.

I would 100% cancel my subscription if not for the Mandalorian. Actually, I’ll go monthly till it ends. I think Disney Plus is a complete waste of money with that one exception. I have a closet full of Disney DVDs and VHS tapes I can play for the grand daughter that work just fine.

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I liked the last trilogy. I went in with zero expectations… when you set your expectations too high, you’re only going to be disappointed.

Disney cares about their bottom line and even they have realised that they made a huge mistake with Kennedy at the helm. That last trilogy was a box office disaster compared to what it could have been. Disney knows this, hence the rumblings of internal shake ups going on over at the SW live action division. Disney was not happy with the final results of Rey and co…

If you liked that none of the old movies have any bearing on the outcome of the Star Wars story and the one to bring balance to the force is a sandworm that kills a bounty hunter looking for Rey as a young child or none of the last three movies happened and the galaxy would never be saved then this is the trilogy for you.

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What was there to like? It was disjointed, over hyped, mush mash of sh!t. I literally had to force myself (no pun intended) to finish watching that last movie. It was terrible and it made no sense while sh!tting on everything that came before it. How the f*ck did Palatine survive after ROJ? The script to the last movie literally made no sense in relation to the two trilogies and two prequels that came before it. Hot garbage.

Have to agree. Sure I enjoyed a few of the different visuals, but taken as a whole…ugggg.

I’ve watched 4,5,6 more times than I can remember. Heck, I actually watch 3 pretty routinely and it has grown on me. I’ll even watch 1 but usually with the plan to fall asleep.

I can count on one hand how many repeat viewings combined I’ve had of 7,8,9.

9 had a pretty epic lightsaber fight on the ruins of the Death Star that’s the only good thing I have to say about the new trilogy. I like Rogue One it has grown on me with repeat viewings, I’m a fan of 3,5,6, and the Ewok movies. Yes the original isn’t in my favorites but that has to do with little action and Obi just letting himself die to Vader I understand the films great importance but I watch either 3 or 6 when I feel like watching a Star Wars movie. I did thoroughly enjoy Mando.

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It’s all make believe… we got people moving things with an imaginary force… what more do can you expect? :wink:

Honestly, Empire Strikes Back was and still is my favorite followed by Rogue One… after that, the rest are just entertainment to me…