Market Slowdown?

I don’t know about you but I’ve only sold a few books the last two weeks I definitely see a change for the moment, what about your sales everyone?

I don’t sell my comics, but I’m watching EBay sales I can’t see a slowdown. Also, I subscribe to a comic service and watch sales closely.

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I don’t sell enough to see any drastic changes myself.

I’ve moved 7 store variants or sets in the last two weeks it’s the regular cover new stuff and later printings that are not moving. All Thor stuff is dead I was able to move a 1:50 2nd print #6 that’s it for the Thor stuff, Dm #3 Robin King moved a few and they got stagnant, Captain Marvel #18 moved a couple they stopped moving hoping they pick back up. Lucky to get a double cover sell on new stuff for a couple weeks.


Maybe my luck will change next week when my graded stuff gets back I have some big books to sell off the extra copies assuming all the copies come back 9.8s


My sales have slowed a little. I was wondering the same thing. But I think the summer is over, and things were crazy for a little while. But I’m still moving some things after they sit for s few days, so I’m not completely stagnant.

My sales seem to come in waves too.

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market shifts with each week. last week I sold a lot of spawn. this week its a mix of marvel and TMNT. I have some DC stuff up and its moving. Biggest sale days are Friday/Saturday

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People focused on back to school in much of the States currently. Bigger fish to fry.
I also think there is a bit of overall fatigue. Between all the Thor, Venom craziness as well as the DC stuff. Awful lot of craziness in a short span. Sure people love to spend…but eventually it has to die down.


I agree with people focusing back on school…its been tough managing the online coursework, the real job, and then trying to grab comics here and there…much less make it to a shop.

I made a huge sale, Incredible Hulk 181 SS triple signed for $6900…then everything stopped. Interestingly enough, the stock market has also seen a bit of a crash. I’m wondering if people’s disposable income is dwindling without the extra boost from unemployment. I’m no economist, but I would guess if the stimulus goes through we might see another bump… or people save it thinking the worst is coming.

Over the weekend I had about 9 small sales…nothing crazy…all under $10. I hope it picks up a little because I just purchased a small lot that doesn’t have anything that will really fly out the door…

Good points/agreed.

We also have to remember that this “goin to be a crazy ride” election is coming here in the US. That causes a massive amount of uncertainty relative to the overall financial systems. The close we get, the more that uncertainty builds. I would expect folks to be playing it safe until we see what the future folds.

I sell a lot of small dollar books ($1-25) and business is booming, with about 50 sales/month. Star Wars, standard superhero titles like Avengers, UXM, ASM, etc. from 70s -00s have been selling well. I don’t focus on variants or any of the flavor of the month stuff like Cates stuff.

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There should be a natural ebb and flow to the market. A lot of recent spec was forced, imo, maybe the market is headed back to a more organic market.

Slow down may be correlated to fiscal stimulus and enhanced unemployment. That was a lot of money floating around the economy. I am waiting for a 2nd round of stimulus to see what happens then sell sell sell.

Thor 5 9.8 (1st Print) went from mid to high $300 sales in August to recently between $100-125ish.

This book was one of the early Covid hot books. The book also benefited with the stimulus money entering the market. But also one of the first ones with multiple later prints and many many store variants.

If Black Winter is a character with staying power would this be a good time to slowly tuck away graded copies or will the price go ala Naomi 1 fomo hype?

Is this a pullback in a long term uptrend for Black Winter spec or the dreaded dead money book?

Just curious what people thought.

Hope this is the right forum section for this post regarding market/books slowdown.

Thor 5 came in on the mid-range of the COVID bubble. It wasn’t even released until late June. I think the Venom books were the big beneficiaries of the stimulus and the overall spec bump that a lot of books were seeing.

I would say Thor 5’s bump was more about the book’s early 9.8 graded copies hitting the market as people were high on the Black Winter speculation, but it saw a very steady decline in prices after it peaked at $400 in early August which was only a few weeks after the first 9.8 sale. It never had a steep drop, it just saw a consistent lowering to its current level. That to me says people are cooling overall on Black Winter, and unless there’s real long-term staying power of the character (which I would say there probably is not) you won’t see the prices rise significantly again.

Just my $.02 though.

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Covid and Stimulus check pumps are no longer valid. Quit using those as “hype words”.

Books speak for themselves. If a book is selling for less now, it’s because the hype died.

I keep telling you guys to be VERY careful when buying into 1st app of new characters.


This has nothing to do with the market and everything to do with people considering Black Winter spec dead.

In my opinion, people who view Black Winter as a “dead spec” are more of a flipper than an investor.

If you’re an investor, when flippers think it’s dead spec that is your cue to buy. And when flippers think it’s hot again, that is your cue to sell.

I think Black Winter will be back. I’ll be buying some of these myself.


Its Cates writing. When he runs out of ideas he will bring him back ad a plot line. He is only getting started with thor, look at venom Nd how he has been teasing knull is coming since issue 3… i feel like im watching Game of Thrones.


Spot on advice for all investments!

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Great advice!!