Marvel moving comic distribution to Penguin Random House

Penguin incorporates shipping into the wholesale price, effectively making shipping free.

However, floppies will most likely be available in most regular book stores now too. Anybody who already carries an account with Penguin will be able to sell floppies. Kinda like a new newsstand. That may draw some business away from the LCS, but, it may give more exposure for the books to other age groups. :man_shrugging: I wonder if this comes to fruition, if they will have different ‘editions’ for the Barnes and Noble type stores. :thinking:

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@agentpoyo merge this one with Brendon’s earlier post please.

Everything I’m seeing about Penguin says they are an industry leader and are hyper innovative about their ordering and distribution processes. At first glance, I think this will be very healthy for our hobby. :man_shrugging::crossed_fingers::beers:


I’d honestly be fine with comics being more available. I miss being able to get them at super markets or newsstands and I think it would be more accessible for people trying to get into them and read


Just did. You know, you have merging powers as well… :wink:

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Everybody has a plan…until they get punched by a Penguin.

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Doesn’t Diamond also own Alliance game distributor which distribute CCG, board games, miniature games etc? Seems like the piecemeal distribution of the 90s has returned.

It would be awesome if newsstands came back…

If Barnes and Noble feels it has nothing to lose maybe it’ll try and throw some comics on the magazine shelves again as they attempted before. We shall see…




every book store with a penguin account can try it now, but also all those amazon sellers with accounts will also be in on this. print runs are about to spike up hard

If print runs go up, it may hurt speculation short-term, but long-term? If it grows the customer base for paper comics, it’s very much needed. Being a niche market that skews to the 40+ crowd doesn’t help create customers for ten; twenty or more years from now. Five and six dollar comics don’t help, but getting them in front of people is the first step.


Wider distribution for their comics is a big selling point.

Good. Their rules and restrictions on account holders are, or were when I had an account, onerous and costly.
It’s nice to see a monopoly die a death by 1000 cuts.


Another rumor found online with Marvel leaving Diamond

Kirkman has money but he doesn’t have that much money, not without a whole lot of investors behind him with their large cuts of the piece of the pie.


Cosmic Book News and We Got This Covered are B.S. sites.


I’m gonna start a bullshit click bait site to make money from ads… sounds like a great idea! :stuck_out_tongue:


My LCS just signed up for a Previews Pullbox account with Previews for ordering (see my “computer nerds” post for the rest of the story). This probably sucks for my LCS owner because he paid (a nominal but non-zero fee) to use this service to manage ordering from the myriad pull customers. And now Diamond isn’t the distributor, just a wholesaler.

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