Marvel moving comic distribution to Penguin Random House

Nah guys we got this covered is great for spec news

@LoveBox …I honestly don’t know if you’re joking, or you’re serious with that comment. :man_shrugging:

Sarcasm. I laughed my ass off when key collector of all people sourced WGTC


Yeah, haven’t taken WGTC seriously in a long while.

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I’m gonna start a website that is titled… “We Got We Got This Covered Covered!”… that debunks everything they write about. :wink:


The Weekly Planet already have a podcast with that title, where they do precisely that, debunking click bait!

I recommend them to anyone looking for a casual comic pod, it’s good stuff.

so with penguin every account gets the 50% discount, and all you need to get an account is an LLC and a credit card.

you’re “Kevin” now…?

yea. changed name, if im gonna open an llc i want more professional user names lol

Who were you before Kevin?

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If you don’t like your CHU forums name, you too can change it with a one time paypal directly to agentpoyo for the low low price of $29.95. :wink:


Is that for the trade dress or virgin version?

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My first laugh of the day… thank you.

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I sent the 29.95 and now someone is knocking on my door.


I charge 29.94. It’s a steal compared to the other guys trying to get rich of forum name changes. I charge less for the people. FOR THE PEOPLE!


Name changes come with a free week of Poyo chained to your basement wall. Saves me on my slop bucket bill.


Curious if they’ll have the same requirements for a shipment as comics, though. People lost their minds at a minimum of $500/mo for DC.



That’s far lower than I would have guessed.

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