Marvel Reveals list SDCC 2019


Shang Chi
Kate Bishop
Red Guardian
Yelena Belova
Spectrum grown up Monica Rambeau
The Multiverse
Falcon and Bucky with the shield
Jane Thor for Thor 4
Cottonmouth as Blade
Dr Strange 2
Captain Marvel 2
Black Panther 2
Fantastic Four


Jane Thor going crazy on eBay right now


Alana…in your opinion what is the key Jane as Thor book? God of Thunder #25? Hawkeye/Deadpool #0, the What if issue?, mighty Thor 1?
Not sure what truly is perceived as the 1st!
I think I have all of them at least.


Eternals 5 seems to be picking up momentum today…I think I might have one to list…


Her True first is What if ? in my opinion. I also like the Thor #1 for her 1st series. Hawkeye Deadpool #0 I own because of Spider Gwen.


What was said about FF and XMen, @Alana ?


The Mighty Thor midtown variant can still be found on their site for $10
The Mighty Thor Variants I like are the cover A, 1:20, 1:50, the Ribic which I think was 1:15. I don’t like the 1:75 or the 1:300 because she’s not on that cover.


"We didn’t even mention that we’re making Black Panther 2 Feige said as the crowd erupted. “And we didn’t mention that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is coming. We didn’t even have time to talk about Captain Marvel 2 , by the way. I didn’t even have time to talk about the Fantastic Four. And there’s no time left to talk about mutants.”
Kevin Feige

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That’s how they ended the show.


Blade could be cool. Maybe Shang-Chi too. Nothing else has me too pumped other than how I sent my Avengers 196 to CGC just the other day and now Taskmaster is official for Black Widow–I hope it grades well!


Exiles #2 gaining momentum…


Yes looks like Eternals 5 is chugging $279 9.6 sale.


Try $399.

My copy is in the 9.0 to 9.2 range I think…maybe 9.4 with a press.

May have to throw it up for a crazy price and see what happens…paid $8 for it a few months back.


Thor #1 vol4 cover A has $50 sale.


It’s so confusing what her first is. Thor '14 #1, God of Thunder 25, or Hawkeye Deadpool 0? I can’t keep it straight, I just want to pick one to look for and be done with it.


Thor #1 (shipped 10-1-2014) gets credit for 1st appearance the most even if she doesn’t get named until later.

Hawkeye Deadpool 0 (shipped 9-3-2014) has some trick or treaters out for fun in the crowd so even though it isn’t considered to be her, it usually gets some attention around $10.

Something happened in Thor God of Thunder 25 (shipped 9-17-2014) if it’s an appearance then it’s one of those things where it’s her 1st. Thor #1 gets Second Appearance 1st Full Appearance love and a trick or treater gets first costume credit.

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3 panels, them walking, not flying, no reason to think it’s anything other than trick or treaters in the herd.


No denying the resemblance is uncanny. But aside from that this book has no significance. It’s an interesting piece of Marvel history, and mayby that alone is enough to make it worth owning…but don’t try to push that it’s actually Gwen And Jane…the least not until some day marvel is desperate for attention and retcons it.


I’m not even sure Thor #1 meets most of the masses qualifications for #1. She’s only on the last page and although it is a full size page that takes up 6 panels worth of space, that frequently has people trying to push Second appearances as 1st full. Reminds me of TMNT 95 although that also had her as a human on other pages.


She’s on the cover…so if there’s a “tie” of any sort that usually wins out spec-wise.

It’s all about the cover.

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