Marvel "SNAP" Game

I know we were discussing this game in Odds and Ends but I felt it was worthy of it’s own thread.
I continue to really enjoy this game. While you could spend money on it, it really isn’t necessary and doesn’t give an advantage if you do. Quick, easy, and fun.

@Alana @davidbitterbaum Adding you since I know you are enjoying it.

Last night, for the first time, I came across the “EGO the living planet” location. Was entertaining as the computer took over and controlled both players game/card plays/hands. While I lost, it was just kind of funny. Ego made some horrible plays.


I actually like the combination of strategy and unpredictability. It almost always comes down to the final flop, but setting up for it is really enjoyable.

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Some locations are wild. The TVA one ends the game after turn 4, and Weirdworld has you draw from your opponent’s deck!

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I haven’t been able to stop playing this since I downloaded it. It’s been super fun… I love that the games are complex and sometimes need you to re-strategize depending on the location effects, and they are quick games. I also like that you can earn cards by playing and it’s not like magic where you need to open a bajillion boosters to get all the cards.

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I’ll give it a try. Downloading now

I’ve been playing it a couple months now as part of the beta. I enjoy it. It’s not the deepest card game on mobile, but I like how it’s easy to play in short bursts and get in a game quick without having to sit down and make time for it.

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It’s pretty fun so far. I do enjoy how the matches go quickly

OMG, the Uncle Ben card…

Is it best to upgrade the cards every time you can? Or only upgrade the ones you actually use? It’s pretty random which cards get the points to even upgrade

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Upgrade as much as possible… doesn’t matter what card. Upgrading cards is the key to getting new cards and moving up the collection tiers…
You actually get the best bang for buck (upgrade credits) by doing the first 25 point upgrades Then move onto the 100 and 200. The thing is, as you upgrade, you get new cards, which can then be upgraded as well…

I find sorting my cards by “quality” with the filter and then just upgrading in order depending on the number of credits I have.

I’ve yet to spend a dime of real money and have had no problems advancing.

Just keep doing any of the available missions when you can. I’ve yet to encounter any that I couldn’t complete.

Hope that all made sense.


@Devildog thank you for the input. Ive been upgrading every time one pops up. I was curious if the credits just stockpiled and i could upgrade whatever card i wanted to.

Upgrade any single time you can!

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I’m at level 8 and I’ll play until it gets boring and tedious (they all do at some point).

It’s a great strategy game and I’m enjoying it so far. The Sentinel is wicked!

Even though there’s no synergy in the cards, I’m enjoying making decks of Avengers, mutants, etc. Just to see how they work out. Plus it’s a fun way to rotate out your cards and advance all of them.

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It’s a game where I just don’t really mind losing either. If I play the cards I like. I enjoy that losing doesn’t really set you back or hinder your progress all that much. I enjoy building and trying new decks that aren’t always the clear types that tend to win.


We all to busy to spec comics with this game and this economy.


What level is everybody on? Im level 95 and season pass level 20. I been playing a deck with cards i wouldn’t normally use, just to get boosters and unlock other cards.

I’m level 265 and season pass 44. Been working my way up there.

Well then :rofl: i ran out of credits now.

I’m a big fan of playing cards with this sinister bar location that cause the opponent to rage quit or suffer through minutes of on reveal loops.

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