Marvel "SNAP" Game

That Sinister Bar saved me a couple times

Sinister bar + white tiger has been my savior a few times. I really enjoy that even if i lose, i dont really feel like i lose. If that makes sense

Even if I don’t win playing silly combos or cards with Sinister Bar is like my favorite thing right now. I may lose the match, but I win in my heart.

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I love Hulk Buster on Sinister, solid 16 and can still add another card, ive had people quit on that or an early Cable can be fun haha

Watched a video where a fellow was able to essentially break the game using a wombo combo on the Sinister Bar utilizing Iron Man, NIghtcrawler, and Onslaught.

Mathematically you can put up insane numbers/over a million on the spot with the perfect draws/scenario.

I finally got ahold of “Vision” and have had fun using that with the Bar Sinister location. Fill it up with his 7 power and then move em all out of there.

I also like using Yondu on that location with a deck that is simply designed just to run the other player completely out of cards. I’m sure my opponent laughs when I play that card there first round, but they aren’t laughing later with zero cards to play.

As I’ve said before, I just enjoy playing cards are thinking of fun ways to create decks. If I lose, I really don’t care.

My card collection is currently 244 and my season pass level is only 43 (likely because of my above statement).

I’m lvl 324 on progress chart and lvl 82 in the event rankings.

Favorite cards so far that obi own morph, strange, killmonger

I’m stuck in the 40s for rankings. I will win some matches then lose some matches. I’m nearing 300 overall as a level. Killmonger card rocks.

Yes I get knocked back to the 70s and then back to where I was for a day now.

Is it worth it to pay the $10 for the premium? I figure i can unlock Miles since its only at level 50, but a lot of credits, variants, etc would be missed


I bought premium and was pleased.


I’ve been on the edge myself – I was trying to stay just free to play, but it is a bit of stuff for the $10

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As much as I’ve played and enjoyed the game, I purchased it and didn’t regret it. Quite a bit of varied loot/items/progression that I felt justified the price. I don’t mind supporting a game that I enjoy with a small amount of money.


For $10 the best part is the extra credits and gold from the event, other than that it’s just avatars and a couple variants. It’s a better deal than the Cap welcome pack.

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Thanks so much for the input.

Started playing today…pretty fun…but i dont seem to have the option for tue premium offer…hmmmm…:thinking:

It’s an option after you do all the tutorial stuff.

Well had something weird happen today. Turn 3 rolls around, and player played a hulk. Locations simply had “turn 3,4,5 no cards played here, and shuffle 5 rocks into each deck, last location had add 2 raptors”. Is there a card out there that gives extra enegy that i haven’t come across yet?

Sheesh…I must doing something wrong…been playing a few days and still no offer. No way I’m still in the tutorial…unless I be dumb…

I’m guessing the player put out a 3 cost “morph” and got lucky with it copying the Hulk in your hand.