Marvel WEDNESDAY variants

So, I have a very good hunch that these Wednesday variants will be virgin variants of the regular covers. Im basing this off a picture Tom Brevoort tweeted 3 days ago. The Giant Size X-Men books all have the barcode on the left side. The Magneto book doesnt. And I dont see any trade dress.

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We talked about this on the main site. I do believe the Wednesday variant will be the one to get for Venom 26. Just a hunch.

But of course some other group have already chosen to shit all over that original post saying it was fake spec. Except I was told by a retailer that. One I trust a lot.

I’m gonna be so happy when the issue arrives and it’s not just a cover of “WEDNESDAY is New Comic Book Day” on the front with just that ugly mustardy looking background…

Then @Anthony can sit back… and tell’em… “Told ya so!”

I know you talked about it on the main site. Im just showing that the actual cover could be

the magneto book in picture just so happens to have all of it trade dress covered up btw, thats not a virgin pictured

Unless you’ve seen the book in person, you cant say that. Do you have a picture of the book ?

notice location of trade dress, its just covered up by other books in that pic above

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Granted the first is not a true photo…but here’s a comparison.

All cheap copies gone off eBay. Will cost ya $24 shipped now.

I wonder what MCS will come in at.

I hope it’s not a virgin variant of Cover A…that would be sooooo lame.

I’m quite curious what we’ll be getting!

Thanks. That clears up my not-so-great-hunch.

Not much of a trade dress is it…need a magnifying glass to tell what book it is…

Don’t you mean which “X-Men” book… Since there are at least a dozen of them at any given time being published… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well…I did preorder a copy at the cheap price online & specifically brought it up to my comic shop some time ago stating that I want this version for my pull. They said “no problem”…but $$$ has a curious way of making books “not shipped” of late.
Should be interesting!

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I made a list of all my preorders that were shorted or damaged at my LCS. If I see any of those books on the ebay store or CGC’d on the wall, then I’ma bring it up. It hasn’t happened yet, but everything is a conspiracy.

Nothing wrong with holding people accountable for their actions. If anything if nothing comes up from it you can build some trust in that fact.

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I had all Blackwood Morning After B covers one my pull at my lcs. Oddly enough when the frenzy hit for the Momoko I got an A cover instead, which I bought as a reader copy. I said hey, I got shorted the B cover. They said they didn’t get any in but they were coming in. They were shorted. They said they would pull one and drop it in my box. It never showed up. This past week I asked them what ever happened to my B cover for issue 3. They said they don’t remember having the conversation. I said I think it was over email and pulled up the email. Sure enough there it was. The person working said hold on and produced a copy marked $9.99 from the back. The reason I knew about it is they had them on eBay. Even though I already had to order a copy elsewhere I took the $9.99 copy at cover price minus my discount on principle. Now they have never really done anything like that before so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt, but it gave me an unsettled feeling.

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That would give me a unsettling feeling too. My shop is going to start selling graded books, so I’m worried they are going to hold onto high grade copies and sell the others. I expect that if the Wednesday variants are special, then all of my copies are going to be damaged.

I quit going to a store that always had non-pull copies of popular titles arrive, “Damaged,” and even if I said I’d buy a damaged one just to read they had, “Already been shipped back,” along with other excuses…

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