Marvel WEDNESDAY variants

Yeah, too many other choices out there for buying comics to put up with that. I try to support local, but they’re shooting themselves in the foot for pulling stuff like that.


What shop actually ships books back? Oh please, I’ve yet to see one.

My lcs puts the damaged copy in my pull to read and will provide me the undamaged copy when it arrives.

I’m the bearer of bad news… Looks like the WEDNESDAY variants are exactly what was advertised… really crappy looking covers with just the words ON SALE WEDNESDAY on them…


Dang… Win some lose some I guess, I’ve got 2 copies on the way.

They’re still selling well… I think most shops under ordered which could cause demand or a complete opposite now if nobody wants them.

Ouch. Was worth the shot.

Is it a wrap with the regular cover underneath it? Or just the plain cover?

is there a 2nd cover under it?

Always bet on cover A hehehehe

So glad I didn’t buy a single Weds variant thank you for being out of stock on most Midtown had I ordered a day earlier I would be stuck with the ugliest variants ever.


The general consensus seemed to hate the covers and the message. I bought them at the chance at something low print and different, but ultimately they are low print crappy covers. I wonder if the colors are random, because they showed a yellowish color for the Venom.

Well, it will still be interesting as a litmus test if my shop holds one for me or not given the going rate (and from a completist standpoint I still want one).

I’m pretty darn glad I didn’t go heavy on it or preorder elsewhere. Ugly ole comic book right there!


Wow, that’s bad. That’s likely anti-climatic squared!


Oh, it’s not a wrap either. It’s the cover cover…

Well, it does what it says.

Yes it does. Sorry on the first part about the cover art. Sometimes we do get leads that don’t pan out, even from trusted retailers. With that being said it is still selling for $20 on eBay, and it was still an under ordered cover. Like I said, win some and lose some but this still seems like a win to me.

Everyone should hold their sales till Thursday…then subsequently label it an “error cover” and watch the $$$$$$ roll in! :slight_smile:

Woof. That’s just sad they went through with this.

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Lol. Yes. That may work. Still, it’s a $20 book all the same.

Venom #26 probably a $20 book anyways😂

■■■■■ Damn Anthony, I really thought it would not be that horrible cover. Man I took a bad gamble on these. Venom 26 & Immortal Hulk 35 are the only ones not in-stock at Diamond…so those two were definitely not under-ordered.