Matt’s Baseball Supplies for Comic supplies

I want to give a big shout out to for incredibly quick service and prices. I have been rebagging and boarding comics and have needed over 3,500 bags and boards for common issues plus short boxes and comic mailers (Gemini type) for sales. I have purchased from Matt’s Baseball and his prices on 2 mil bags and boards plus shipping mailers are crazy cheap. The short boxes are not my favorites but they work and for bulk books I am dealing with they are perfect.

I ordered 100 comic mailers yesterday and they are scheduled to be delivered tonight. Granted the is in New York and I am in Maryland, but you cannot bear next day delivery.


Thanks. Will give them a shot.

Funny how I was going to send you a message who you get your mailers from!

The key for mailers is order 140 at a time. Most cost efficient number with shipping.

Baseball with comic supplies? Interesting!

Update: Checked the site. Some great prices. May get those gemini-style mailers soon…

They can’t have better prices on Mylars than getting them directly from eGerber. You may want to look into buying from them directly. Hell I’m a bit jealous because their located in Baltimore so you probably wouldn’t even have to pay for shipping and could pick them up directly from them. I bought 1000 each of Mylites2 and Fullbacks for $380 including $80 in shipping to New York.

Just saw you didn’t say you bought Mylars. But if you’re in the market for them eGerbers the best prices hands down. I may have to order some poly bags from Matts until I can afford another big order from eGerber.

Thats expensive compared to BCW. I buy all my supplies from BCW.

The cheapest BCW 2 Mil Mylars Silver Age come directly from BCW. This is over $400 just for 1000 bags. That’s more already and that’s not including backing boards. So if you have some secret source where it’s cheaper let us know. It’s well known eGerber is much much cheaper than BCW for the same product.

All the bags at Matt’s Baseball are poly bags and not mylar, right? Or am I just not looking in the right place?

I didn’t see any Mylars so they’re all polys.

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Poly. Yes. I am looking for cheap solution for mailers and storage of bulk books.

I think we did a promo for Matts a while back…they really good peoples

Ordered these yesterday. Arrived on my doorstep today.

Now I’m big time time! No more run in to BJs when I’m out of cardboard!

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I ordered 1000 bags, 1000 boards 140 mailers and 20 short boxes today. Will be here tomorrow.

@Anthony Is there an amount that qualifies for free shipping? I ordered 90 mailers last time, which is an odd amount, but it got me just above the $40 threshold…and I think my credit card was only charged $40…not the additional $20 shipping.

Think you got lucky. I was charged shipped in my last order.

K, checked my records….original invoice was $60.50….but for some reason he knocked $5 off shipping and made it $55.40.

Still don’t know why I picked 90 mailers versus 100…

Went to submit an order…said they don’t take online orders for less than $40….so there’s my answer! 90 mailers @45 cents = $40.50.

Anyone order mailers from Matt’s lately? Looks like they aren’t Geminis anymore. They also look to be about 20% more expensive than when I ordered them last time. Paper shortage impacting Gemini availability?

How long ago did you order? I ordered this last summer. They were not Gemini brand, but equivalent or near equivalent. I just used my last one too…

Apparently June by my post above.

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