Matt’s Baseball Supplies for Comic supplies

Yeah I never have gotten Gemini’s from Matt’s. They are like an equivalent that work great for me


and just placed another order for mailers and bags and boards.

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100 mailers plus 1,000 bags and 1,000 boards were $169 shipped.


Shipping kills me with Matt’s. $84 total for 100 mailers. I think I paid $69 for a hundred actual Gemini mailers from him earlier this year.

I can get 100 Gemini mailers for $89 on Amazon. I might need to up my ebay shipping costs a little.

Where are you, shipping was like $30 for me and most of that weight is eaten up by the 1,000 boards

Minneapolis metro. $34 just to ship 100 mailers and nothing else.

I can get the cost down to about $0.75/mailer if I buy 135 directly from Gemini. Same quantity is $0.82 for Matt’s generic mailers.

You have to check with him as the shipping starts out at $50 some for me but drops to $30 something when he actually bills me.

Follow-up here. I chatted with Matt about shipping, and he was able to ship via an option not listed on the website. Saved me probably $25. And, he shipped them out the next day.

I’d recommend working with him if you’re looking for bulk mailers.

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Just ordered some bags and boards from him. He also helped me out on lowering the shipping cost. :+1:

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Is this some big secret? Why no details?

I order maybe every 6 months. And it’s just $20’shipping as it is. And it’s fed-ex and arrives in under 48 hrs.

Not sure he’d be able to make it better than that…but curious what others are talking about.

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No secret. The website just listed UPS rates. Someone on the forum mentioned talking to him to find cheaper options. I did that, and FEDEX was 1/2 the price.

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Oh, ok. Yeah, he might automatically do that and refund the difference. I think I discovered that the last few times my credit card (and receipt) had a smaller charge than the emailed receipt.

All my orders have arrived in less than 24 hours.

UPS to the Minneapolis area is crazy expensive. I think it was $51 for 125 mailers. Fedex dropped that down closer to $25.

Has anyone purchased the comic short boxes from Matt’s? I usually pick up the BCW boxes, but they never seem to be in stock when I check the BCW website. Are the boxes sold by Matt’s of good quality?

Regarding Matts,

  1. Can anyone help me on whether ordering the below (nine of each) is good from a choice and cost perspective for my moderns ? The shipping seems high !
    CSP CURRENT CS1 BOARDS -100CT 9 $76.41
    Quantity discount: $24.21
    CSP CURRENT BAGS 7.00 -100CT 9 $35.91
    Quantity discount: $8.19
    Shipping: UPS - UPS GROUND: $51.14
    Tax (exempt): $0.00
    Total: $131.06
  2. Should I call Matt to discuss a cheaper shipping option ?
  3. Are these bags and boards good choices ?
  4. Should I also order CSP COMIC BOOK FLIP & SHIP BOX for mailing comics ? Are these as good as Gemini mailers ? Should I choose the 375 count option?
  5. ANY suggestions would be welcome !!

I can answer some of the questions. Yes, I exclusively use their CSP mailers and have had 0 problems.

Their 2 Mil bags and boards are what I use. I get about 1000 every two months. I sell a lot of comics and want cheap nice bags and boards that do not kill me in price to ship out books.

Yes, call Matt’s he may be able to work out a cheaper rate and to be honest, he lowers shipping even after the online quotes anyway.


They are more Bulk than highest quality, but with that being said, I recently purchased about 60 of them to move stuff out of long boxes. They have held up well so far.


Same here.

I end up adding an extra piece of cardboard or foam board cut to the shape of the comic plus a hair as extra reinforcement and keep the comic from sliding around when shipping one book.

I can keep one or two books under 12 oz no problem.

You don’t have to do that, as most books I get don’t and they arrive fine. And others who use these probably don’t either.

I just like the added protection/robustness personally. I like to take acceptable and take it up a notch.

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