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NEW DEATHSTROKE!!! Hell yeah!! Beauty “year of the villain” FINCH B cardstock variant also available. Could get slept on with a small print run likely… Don’t forget TITANS season two is coming bringing heat on all things NIGHTWING, RED HOOD and DEATHSTROKE… Ships 07/03/19
Glad to be here thx for having me, be well everyone…

It could also be overordered since there are a huge amount of advertisements for the issue already hitting the streets and I’m going to be mailing a 2-3,000 out myself for free in the local paper.

Sound’s like it’s his son Jericho changing names again. Page from DC’s Year of the Villain this week available now at most sources from a quarter to $2.

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When I first looked at that image from the solicitation, the first thing that popped in my head was Duke Thomas’ cousin Jay. Going with my gut reaction, Im going to say that the new Deathstroke, whom ever he is, is connected to Duke in someway.

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Hello again BJ! I think that’s awesome that you’re DOING that. I also hand out free comics constantly trying to inspire new readers… Unfortunately, I’ve found that many people who receive those FCBD books don’t read them. If they do they also could be more likely to choose BATMAN or another more popular character instead if they come back to a LCS… Let’s be honest, only hardcore collectors even use/read previews and have sub pull boxes. DEATHSTROKE will have a print run of approx 35,000 tops perusing comichron numbers… Probably less, numbers naturally decline and also because of the higher priced price point of the cardstock variant reduces sales. I consider anything under 40k a small print run. It all depends on who the character is revealed to be on how the spec plays out. But DEATHSTROKE over ordered?? That hasn’t happened since TEEN TITANS #2 back in 1980 with Perez at the helm my friend… Enjoy your Sunday BJ be well…

Time will tell but put me down for at least triple ordering everything directly referenced as a DCYOTV tie-in. I’ve seen tons of those Spider-man Collectible series brought in over the years so I know people tend to grab and stash free one’s out of newspapers.


That’s the part that concerns me the most. It sounds like it’s just Jericho playing name swap games again and not a true long term second Deathstroke. I hope I’m wrong since it’s a good thing.

Another consideration is with DC cutting qty of titles, additional qty are needed to meet minimums for maintaining discount tiers so that also may boost total print runs some across the board. What is it, 104 comic covers total counting the variants to meet the minimum with for June? This one will be a prime candidate for me to order more of just to meet the desired minimum. Still two weeks or so before Excel sheet (Adventures In Math) begins and ties up a Sunday. Maybe something else will catch my eye. (let’s see that’s $312 short, divided by $2.99 a book equals how many copies extra to buy? Did I carry the two? :dizzy: :sweat: :thinking:

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I agree. I’m a big DC fan so I’ll be ordering a couple extra copies and take my chances and hope for the best on the new DEATHSTROKE. The TERMINUS AGENDA has been a fantastic arc and LEVIATHAN and YOTV has def got me intrigued on how all these “coincidences” will be resolved. Between ACTION comics and NAOMI all these titles seem to be interlinked and headed towards some huge event that should be revealed shortly. I’ve said for months here that it likely involves SUPES origin and BENDIS weaving his magic… As you say BJ, time will tell… I’m glad DC shrunk it’s titles. Marvel could also really benefit from that as well IMO. Just clean house a touch, trim the fat if you will… The math of ordering is another mess all together. Haha. Good luck BJ!!

David “Dave” Isherwood was a war and special operations ally of Deathstroke. He was the developer of the Ikon Suit, and was also the lover of Slade’s son Jericho.

I would have thought Jericho’s lover would have given it to Jericho first anyway. Seems like a logical leap for him to end up with it. The rest of the family’s all run around in Deathstroke suits in the past.

I also heard Red Robin is changing names so maybe he gets the ikon suit.

It feels like for spec potential it needs to be someone new and not just a name change for someone.

I’d be all for axing everything Marvel after issue #4 if it doesn’t have a 40,000 print run so long as they didn’t come right back out with the next vol and a herd of #1’s. it gets harder every event to find shelf space forcing books to the back stock room and internet listings I’d rather be displaying the covers of.

I liked the 80’s Jericho with the Gericurl. Used to be one of my favorite Titans until they messed up his story after 50 or 60 issues or so.

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Absolutely. Let’s all hope for sudden new direction. If it’s a new DEATHSTROKE character we’re not expecting, the spec could be excellent! That was my purpose of the post in the first place… It’s always a gamble, but a worthy risk IMO… Just from my knowledge of the TITANS tv show which has been absolutely game changing and VERY well received. Season 2 has already cast DEATHSTROKE and I guarantee everything NIGHTWING, RED HOOD, and RED ROBIN is going to get more attention than ever before in the next upcoming year… DC’s adult themed streaming service is a huge success. It’s a likely extention of their BLACK label series (DAMNED) as they have obviously realized the untapped potential in “adult themed” programming. If this was a few years ago I wouldn’t pay attention to TV SPEC that much. But these new streaming services allow them to really go heavy, the rules have changed. I’m not saying anyone’s getting rich overnight but to disregard the spec associated would be an unfortunate oversight… Jericho is a great character, I too hope they can figure that out soon in the near future. First appearance TEEN TITANS #43 if anyone is interested…

That was a very confusing time, the pedophile years for Deathstroke and his teenage, smoking, drinking, drawn lounging around in lingerie lover Tara. What was she then, 13?

Some sites are claiming TOTT 42 since Jericho’s head is shown from behind on the last page across from Tara and Deathstroke wrapping things up and having a smoke.

For those too young to remember, if I remember this right, DC changed the name of the New Teen Titans to Tales of the Teen Titans. They continued to produce new stories until the end of issue 58 I believe. Everything after that is reprint.

At the end of the Judas Contract they released a new New Teen Titans series with a #1 on fancier more expensive paper and sold them only to comic stores I believe whereas Tales of the Teen Titans continued to be sold on the older paper style and price through newsstand distribution.

At that point in the 80’s it was apparently okay for really old guys to be in various relationships with young female teenagers. I can think of a few others but I believe Deathstroke was the biggest market one doing the most to push the edges of Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors and Pedophilia.

I thought Tara had great legs and I loved the model shoots with Starfire and all the flying around naked stuff too but at least I was a teen back then so I was supposed to.

I completely agree first cameo appearance of JERICHO is #42, I remember that panel… But #43 has that full appearance, both books are great value/spec tho IMO. The funny thing is according to CGC the slab of #44 says first full NIGHTWING and JERICHO… These comics get so confusing at times haha! So essentially the whole Judas Contract arc (#42,#43,#44) is all EXCELLENT spec. But technically the slab is #44 depending on which way you want to go… Haha… Weird.

It’s been a few years, I read most of the series back in the late 1980’s but I do remember it being edgy as a teenager… Your info concerning reprints and the format is informative and correct to the best of my knowledge BJ.