McFarlane Page Punchers

Figure AND Comic Book :grinning: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Love it. Back in the day I used to love getting the toybiz marvel figures cause they came with the comics so I’d read those over and over again and played with the toys

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Fun idea, odd name!

Can’t tell what the Batman and Superman books are…but would love to have a flashpoint reprint and that popular black Adam cover. $10 seems like a steal! Sign me up!

That plastic casing should hopefully hold up well.,freeing that comic though.

Update: looks to be Superman #1 Rebirth and Batman 608 2nd Print Variant cover.

Anyone know where these would be sold?

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The batman is 608 2nd print. THE batman hush book to have. So that’s pretty cool

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So would this be considered a 3rd Print :thinking:

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“Not for resale” or “promo”. Exactly like the marvel legends comics and toy biz comics

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Preorders start tomorrow

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Up for order on Amazon


McFarlane Page Punchers on Amazon

Also now available at Entertainment Earth

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These are cute!

I understand they are cheap at $10 but the detail sucks though. The Black Adam one looks silly ! It reminds me of Count Chockula dressed as Adam. The comic book may make it worth it. And the Batman one should be listed in the ‘Things a kid should not see’ category or maybe its just me :grinning: The Flash and Superman are OK. Atleast, they dont wear their underwear outside.

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Count Chockula, Boo Berry, Frankenberry and there was one more with a Werewolf that was only available for a short time… I forget the name. Oh yea! - Fruit Brute!!!

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved those cereals as a kid!


I ain’t buying for the action figure I’ll give them to the dog or kids to play with.


Now THAT is a Black Adam figure!


Batman has a Bermejo feel to him.


So the 3rd figure reveal is :man_superhero: who looks fairly standard. Seems to be a bit of a black wash over him which brings out detail.

The one I’m excited for is Constantine who makes is McFarlane Toys debut and appears to come with some cool spell effects! Hopefully they really make the effects pop, and they give us a few different ones in package because Constantine is basically a dude in a shirt, tie, and trench coat (visually) so the accessories is what will make him stand out!


What comics come with these, or do we not know yet?

Would love a Swamp Thing 37 reprint!

It’s an exclusive Black Adam comic, and these figures are based the art within that comic.

New wave has an exclusive Black Adam #1 comic

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