McFarlane & Spawn - The Show Must Go On

I think McFarlane should focus his efforts elsewhere… Seems nobody wants to make this movie but him.

Surprised he isn’t getting serious interest. Spawn is a very well known property. I would think it would do just fine in the theaters.

If I had McFarlane money, I would do the same.

If memory serves, when the original film came out in 1997, it was greeted with a fairly middling Box Office take and was ripped by the critics …

As well, with Mr Todd, last I heard, demanding to be the Director, I don’t think that’s helping his case much …

Now, HBO’s “Spawn: The Animated Series” was much more satisfying, IMO … :wink:

Yes, and I’m sure if Mr Todd could get back what he paid for Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball, that, in and of itself, could begin funding the “film” …

Point is, unless you’ve got Disney or Warner backing you, is it possible to do a film justice financially … ?? To do Spawn right, you better have a very fat checkbook and resign yourself to an R rating …

Not saying it can’t be done, but will it pay off … ?? Apparently, the money folks think not …


I’m pretty sure most production companies are taking a peek back into history and looking at the numbers the first movie produced. Yes Spawn is well known in the comic industry but the larger majority don’t know and likely don’t care about a Spawn movie. It’s a very niche market character.

McFarlane would probably be better off pitching a 1 season Spawn show for Netflix or Hulu…

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I know what I’d do if I had his type of money and it wouldn’t be a Spawn movie… but at least he’s not just another bored old rich white guy running for President… :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t agree more. To do a Spawn movie justice, we’re talking 80 Million or more type of budget and that’s gambling on making it’s money back. I just can’t see the masses all showing up to watch it at the theaters… Spawn is on average a 5-10k a month comic (not counting the anniversary hoopla editions issues)… One of my shops only buys 2 copies a month for the two subscribers. They stopped stocking it years ago cause they couldn’t sell them off the shelves.

That’s red flags for me if I was a backer of such a project… If it comes with no say or options of getting an actual well established director… he wouldn’t get a dime from me. Never deal with Sith Lords who deal with absolutes. :wink:

Couldn’t agree with you more uncle Willie. I still have my DVD set that I bought back in 06.

But as the Spawn fan that I am, I need a Spawn movie.

McFarlane did a signing at this year’s SDCC for DC comics. So maybe there is still a chance?

New screenwriter, new script…

Now we just need a new director and the movie might actually be decent… :wink:

Just sold my Spawn 306 virgin for $60! To think I ordered it accidentally…wanted the trade….

Sold and selling all my Spawn books, not that I had much to begin with.

I like all the old 90s McFarlane covers he did for Marvel more than his Spawn Universe.

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Where have I heard this before :roll_eyes:

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Is this new movie ever getting made?

Based on Todd’s teaser image it must be debuting on Newgrounds.


My Magic Eight Ball says… “Most Likely Not”