McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Megathread

It looks like most of the McFarlane Toys releases are spread out ans have their own threads. Considering McFarlane Toys is absolutely killing it (imo) with the DC license I figured it would be nice to have one big thread to keep track of the announcements.

I’ll start it off with the newest announcement: McFarlane Toys Store Exclusive: Kid Flash (Wallace West.)


I really wish McFarlane had done this line in a 6" scale. I can’t bring myself to buy any because the figures will be out of scale with my current toy display which consists of figures in a 6" scale. I did buy a Lobo McFarlane, but only because I can justify in my head that Lobo is a big dude, so his 7" scale works in my display alongside my Legends, Classified, and Black Series figures.

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To be honest, his 7" figures don’t even scale that well with each other let alone other lines. I just collect them because I think his company has handled the license pretty well and I’m a DC nerd so they are characters I care enough about to own a figure of.

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My big issues with McFarlanes line, way too big and the scares are annoying. Not enough female characters, we have 8 million god damn batman figures but none for characters like power girl, starfire, supergirl, etc

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I hear that, and I’m constantly lobbying in hobby groups to get someome other than WW and Catwoman made.

I believe part of the problem is that DC has him under contract to focus on Batman as that is their cash cow.

So I’ve been slacking pretty bad, but here are some recently announced figures that are actually already for sale. McFarlane has been announcing their figures about 30 days or do before they are available to ship. Some other figures get announced after they have hit stores (Parralax, AzBat, Dark Flash, Shazam, etc).

Here we have the Mongul Who Is and Frankenstein.

Also, the entire Death Metal: Speed Metal wave with Darkest Knight BAF.

Supergirl (McFarlane’s first) and Doctor Fate from Injustice Page Punchers 7" series.

These are in addition to the existing Batman and Green Arrow from the same line.

Also comes with an exclusive Injustice 2 comic.

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Boston Brand coming exclusively to Target!


Also exclusive to Target is going to be a Flashpoint Build-a wave. This is likely to be similar to the Batman Beyond and Crime Syndicate waves that have a figure released every month or so instead of all on the shelves at once.

First figure to be revealed is Aquaman. Hopefully a comic book style Cyborg is coming because kf now all we have is ZSJL and Animated versions.

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Announced today is the single figure release (previously only available in a 2-pack with Hush and in a black & grey color scheme.) is the dark blue and grey Hush Batman based on Jim Lee’s artwork! I’m personally stoked for this one as I skipped the 2-pack release due to the elbows hinges being painted incorrectly AND I figured a comic accurate version was coming soon.


Thats a nice figure. I wonder what the price will be on this one?

Should be $20, McFarlane hasn’t announced any price changes. BAF figures are $25, standard figures are $20. Megafigs and deluxe range from $40-50. Figures with an autographed card are $80. Simple, no Ha$bro wall street cuckery with McFarlane.


Is that Hush Batman an exclusive?

No word yet, but I don’t think so. The Deadman that was also announced made sure to mention that he is Target exclusive.

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Somebody got Deadman early. I love the ghostly effects.

First look at Shazam! Fury of the Gods figure. I’d expect an entire or majority of the Shazam! Family to be announced soon.

Update on the Flashpoint wave: Cyborg is the BAF and it looks like he will be HUGE.

Love Deadman. Gonna have to get me one.

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