McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Megathread

Been slacking a little bit, but over the last two days a couple pretty sweet reveals:

Catwoman from Knightfall! Glad I skipped the Arkham City version as I prefer this version.

Also, Kingdom Come Batman!

Holy moly. Is that Catwoman a regular release?

We don’t know for sure yet, but leaning toward yes.

Where do you get your info on upcoming McFarlane figures? I’m trying to stay on top of what is coming out and feel like I miss stuff. I totally had no idea about the Nightfall Batman Azreal figure until months after it’s release and miss it.

Mostly Twitter, but sometimes there are early leaks posted to niche groups. Also, AZBAT and Parralax just showed on shelves one day well before any announcements. A few weeks afterwards McFarlane’s announcement said "Already hitting store shelves "…

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Con-El product shot reveal! This was also revealed back at NYCC but this is the first product shot!

Still waiting to fidn out where & when Blue Hush Batman will be available for preorder.

McFarlane spent a lot of time sculpting that butt.

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Please post an update if you find any info on the Hush Batman. I really want that one.

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You and me both.

It’s like he’s wearing nothing at all…

…Nothing at all…


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Stupid sexy Superboy…


That’s why I love this forum. You guys get me (and speak Simpsons)

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It’s a great ass but I still think Captain got him beat…

Duke Thomas reveal!

Still no word on Blue Hush Batman or Knightfall Catwoman.

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I wear bright yellow to fight crime at night. I listen to all of Batman’s advice all the time… I swear I do.

Haha… he wants to make sure when he’s chasing the bad guys, drivers can spot him and not hit him with such a bright suit… :wink:

Duke Thomas/Signal is a daytime crimefighter.


Lol @ people making fun of a character that they know nothing about.

Even for daylight, still pretty bright…

Trust me, I run during the day and I’ve almost gotten hit by cars when I’m wearing darker clothes…

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McFarlane is really trying to hype up his NFT toys. Maybe I’m too old and out of touch with the meta Universe crowd, but do people really want NFTs of Spawn figures? I’d rather get an NFT of some original Todd drawing than a toy if I placed an order. Maybe it will be a big hit. I don’t know. Not my thing.