McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Megathread

Yeah I don’t understand NFT at all

If what is happening with Cryptocurrency is any indicator, by the end of next year that and NFTs will be put in the dustbin of bad ideas with worse execution.


One can only hope for this


With any luck, I’ll be able to purchase Madonna’s body/plant growing/Mother of Earth exhibition NFT she put out a year ago, at a discount.
Now THAT was a work of art if I do say so myself :roll_eyes:

NFTs I kind of think of as claiming you own a luxurious home down in Maldives but instead it’s a time share, you can only visit it 1 week out of the year max and yet you can’t afford to fly there to actually visit and thousands of others can view, visit, use it as well as they please.

Joker Reveal!

This joker is based off of Gillem March’s cover of Joker #1 in DC Infinite Frontier. I’ll likely pass on this Joker, but I am a sucker for Joker so… never say never.

Still no word on Blue Hush Batman preorder status.

Which Jokers would you like to see be made?

Me, I wanna see Joker from New 52 when he cuts off his mask and re-staples it and the OG Killing Joke with the Hat and Camera.

Both have been made my McFarlane

I skipped the Death of the Family Joker because I wanted the mechanic’s look.

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Didnt know that. Thank you.

I like the new 52 better. The killing joke one looks a little off. Maybe is the purple they used. It looks to blue.

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Technically it is the Comedian Joker from Three Jokers but popular theory is he = Killing Joke Joker

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Victor Fries (thats Mr. Freeze for those of you in Rio Linda) reveal!

Looks like WB let them make a freeze gun after their “NO GUNS ALLOWED!” rule.

Jay Garrick! Ironic that the 52nd post in this thread is a reveal of Jay Garrick who introduced the concept of the Multiverse in Flash of Two Worlds.


Wouldn’t it be more of a “coincidence” rather than irony? :thinking:

Yeah, you’re right.

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Gladiator Batman from Dark Nights Metal revealed!