Mercari New Fees April 2023

So as of April 2023 Mercari is following eBay’s business model on charging fees on shipping too. That totally sucks especially since Mercari sellers do not get a cut of the selling fees. New fee structure changes from 2.9% of closing price plus .50 cents to 2.9% of closing price plus shipping plus .50 cents.


Hell, Ebay charges a 13.5% fee on closing price+shipping+taxes. Yea…TAXES !!!

Absolutely criminal.


Hm. Some folks sell comics on Poshmark. I may need to do that too at this rate…

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It’s like Mercari wants to be eBay, but doesn’t want to offer something better.

I keep trying to use them, and it’s nothing but disappointment.

I have to offer things at lower prices than ebay to get them to sell…and nearly all cases the eBay (higher priced item) sells first.

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Well, not really. Don’t like their service, then don’t use it. Simple solution.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

None of us should have to pay fees based on shipping and definitely shouldn’t have to pay anything based on the taxes. That part about the taxes sounds like a future lawsuit to me if someone already hasn’t.

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These big companies have so many lawyers it would be a nightmare to take them on. Even when a company is the in the wrong they usually get away with stuff. Watch that, “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” movie for a good example that is also quite entertaining.


You say that, but then I get postcards in the mail all the time to be part of the “spoils” of settlements.

The latest was a few weeks ago where IKEA is paying out something lien $24 million because they disclosed too many digits of people’s credit cards on receipts.

I wouldn’t say it’s a nightmare. Some lawyer firm could find a way and make good money.


Diamond is pushing a new selling platform I’ve never heard of. Any thoughts or experience with it?

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For E-Bay and Mercari it’s pretty simple to add a percentage to each item to cover the cost of the fee’s and have that percentage figured into your shipping charge so after E-Bay takes out it’s fee’s your left with enough to pay the cost of the shipping label and packing materials. You should end up with the same amount in the cash drawer after a sale whether it’s someone walking in the front door or shopping from 10 States away. Bonanza charges a little less than E-Bay so it’s easy to have them reduce the price when loading a little to offset the lower fee’s at Bonanza. I haven’t used Mercari yet so I don’t know how well it syncs to the others or how the fee’s compare.

Haven’t heard of Bonanza before. TCGPlayer is one of the biggest price guides and market places for Magic and Pokémon.

Tcgplayer sells mostly TCG, I use them all the time. But eBay recently just bought them out, so I’m sure fees there will be increasing soon.

I’ve bought on Bonanza. It’s a solid little site.