Mercari - Offers & Promotions WTF?!

Hi all

I’m admittedly new to Mercari but WTF is up with the “Promote” feature on this @!&# stain of a platform?

I have a few items listed, and I have some “likes” on 2 or 3 of them. When I click on promote I am offered 2 options: Offer to Likers or Reduce Price. I click on "Offer to Likers " and I understand that I have to reduce the price by 5% minimum. Last night the price was $58. I decided not to offer that to Likers as I wanted to see if I could sell at full price today. No bites, so I go to offer to Likers again, type in $58, and Mercari tells me my offer MUST be $50 or less. WTF is this chicken @$&! ??? That is damn near 18% off the last price, and 22% off of listed price ($65)?!

What is a further kick to the nuts is that I just received an offer for $56. I attempted to accept the offer and Mercari pops up a message "Problem with payment method " (keep in mind offers are binding.), I click on accept offer again after trying to promote to my Likers but DECIDED NOT TO because of the BS $50 PRICE TAG and Mercari says “You’ve made a new offer.” NO I $&#^@^$# DIDN’T YOU WORTHLESS TURD!!!

Any insight into WTF I am doing wrong would be really helpful right now.


Your problem is you’re using Mercari. I’ve bought one book off of it and that was enough for me. Sorry I don’t have any relevant help. I Know @davidbitterbaum is an old pro at Mercari. Maybe he can help?


I buy and sell there with no problems. Not sure if you raised the price, but if you did and you hit the make an offer then the offer will be 5% less than the lowest price you had it listed at so you can’t raise the price and then make an offer for 5% less then your new price.
Also if someone makes an offer to you say for the $56 and they used some of their credit for your offer and the same credit for another offer to someone else than you will get that payment issue problem. They will need to remove all open offers using the credit then make the offer to you again.
Hope that helps some and good luck.

Don’t promote to likers

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Either use reduce price to promote or manually edit your price it will move up in some search listings still


I would just tell him there was a problem with payment and ask if they still like the book

I never raised the price. I never sent an offer to likers either. I clicked on “promote” then “send offer to likers” and then I backed out. I never set a price or sent it out.

I’m chalking this up to some sort of a glitch in their system and/or user misunderstanding. I’ve calmed dow now but DAMN that mad me MAD.

I’m heading Alana advice not sending offers out to likers.

Thanks for the tag, Todd.

Problem with payment means the buyer’s method of payment was declined. It is something wrong on the buyer’s end.

Promote to likers prevents you from listing for a price, offering, raising it, offering again to prevent abuse. It can be annoying if you adjust prices and want to offer but it makes you offer lower though, if what I’m saying makes sense.

I basically never promote to likers, I just do the general promote that lowers the price 5% as that alerts likers and can be seen by everyone else too.

Thanks for calling me a pro, @ToddW


The way the mercari feed works, you should list your books at peak times. Sunday nights the night of the 1st and 15th. When you promote your listings it sends it though the feed again. I usually price my books on the high side since people are going to make offers anyway. You can always delete the listing and make it again for the same price to send it through the feed again.


Saturday and Sunday morning is a great time to list too since people are probably in bed still looking at their phone.

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Yeah so after the $56 offer that the buyer sent to me was declined (isn’t an offer binding?!) I decided to go promote to likers (thank you for alerting me to the general promote as being the best way to go.) which I THOUGHT was $58 but I guess since I accepted the $56 offer Mercari now says it must be $50 or less, which would be 10% off of $56.

Maybe I should just send a private offer to individuals?

If I delete and relist an item that has had an offer on it OR I have promoted will Mercari charge me any fees?

I have only received one offer and the transaction was declined.

No they only charge a fee after it sells and the buyer receives it.

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I’ve sold over 335 items on Mercari. No issues there.

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Thank you!

Yep, $12k sold in the last 3 months. :man_shrugging:

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Is there a way to import my eBay listings into Mercari?

Oooof, that would be cool, but there isn’t. Best I can manage is copy and pasting.

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@agentpoyo. Here is your multi-million dollar tech enterprise. Create an interface that will make a generic listing that can be used on any platform. Seller need only state that it is on multiple platforms and first come, first served. BAM!! You’re rich!! Shit. I’m jealous now…I have none of these skills.

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