Anyone watch this Netflix movie with a soon to be released comic from Behemoth.

I saw it mentioned here by @agentpoyo but don’t know much about it outside of the article

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Yeah, I haven’t watched it myself and didn’t know much about it until I saw it in Previews.

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I ordered a copy when I saw it as it looked quirky. Maybe I’ll check the Netflix program out!

I watched it a few weeks ago specifically because I saw the solicitation for MFKZ. I personally just didn’t enjoy it and I actually took it off my preorders, but that’s not to say others won’t like the show or think this will take off. Just not a book or story I’m interested in.

They do have a cool Garbage Pail Kids incentive cover for the first issue.

I’m in the middle of watching this, it reminds me of a Miyazaki movie that takes place in 90s California. Pretty good so far, if you’re into extremely quirky movies.