Miles Morales 19

I noticed this is sold out and/or limited to one per. Anyone know why?

First miles clone on cover

Find a new place to buy. Foc is this coming monday, retailers can still order whoever many they want.

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@Jkron1 some links for u fam…

I’ve noticed TFAW hasn’t had it available for most of the last month. It was only up for a short time a few weeks back. Odd for a pre-FOC book. I keep checking as I wanted to add a second copy.

Any thoughts @Brendon?

Same. I was going to add a copy from them to cover my bases but looked before I made the post and no luck.

Character has already appeared in several books leading up to Miles 19. I wouldn’t think there is much spec value in just this cover driving out of stock pre-FOC.

It seems to be available most other places.

What book? I’m pretty sure his 1st appearance has been in the recent issue 18.

I bought the book for the baby cover might as well dangle that baby off a balcony Miles Jackson

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You all realize he’s not the good guy if he’s swinging around endangering babies.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I thought it was Spidermen II #1.

There was definitely an evil Miles clone in Spidermen II #1. I’m not sure if it’s the same evil Miles clone in MM18.

Wasnt the Miles in Spidermen II #1 the Miles from Earth 616 ?

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Meh…just Miles hype that seems to be the current “in with the cool kids” thing. It’s a book at this point that is just a good ole “add to the pulls” for FOMO sake on the cheap, but I’ve not been all that impressed with any of it, the story, or the direction. Clone? Clones? I’ve yet to see Captain Rex in any of the issues…WTH?

Noooo that’s not a clone. That’s 616 evil miles. No spidey powers etc. This is a Clone apart of a whole different story etc.

If Michael Jackson can do it, so can Miles Morales

Ummm… Michael Jackson was a creep who should be in jail… he took the easy way out though!

If it’s still pre FOC it might be something that got resolicited when covid hit or there may just be an error on the listing. It should be up and I’ll check after lunch.

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It’s back up now, although it may take a bit to show up in search results

Miles Morales #19

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Thanks I’ll take 2 lol