Miles Morales Spider-man #38

Spider-Smasher ?


is he a dentist ?


Is that armor made of beskar?

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I’m going to guess if their name indicates they smash spiders they are a foe.


But hulk likes to smash and he’s good

I know who it is,…


Actually, looks like a “breast” plate and has some curve at he hips.

Guessing a woman.

My guess is Spider-Smasher is the new Miles Morales (love that joke)


Idk. Spider Smasher? Some of these characters feel like the writers are sitting around throwing darts at a wall blind folded.


:point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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First it says “who” then it says “they”…is it Spider-Smasher or Spider Smashers?


I’ve never really thought of Hulk as a hero. More a force of nature that sometimes does good and sometimes does bad.


This character feels straight out of 1993. Too many damn things going on. Beskar-like armor, cape, hood, robot face, pockets, silly arm gun, completely unnecessary retractable blade things. IMO, if you removed half of those things, this is a far stronger character. Marvel, remember, sometimes less is more.


I think all of this is overkill…I mean when I smash spiders all I require is this…

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I don’t kill spiders. I catch them and let them go… they kill and eat all the other bugs I don’t want around the house!

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They……Could be a new non-binary character?

Possibly this. Also, they may not be wanting to give the gender of the character away by saying he or she.

Don’t you have black widows and brown recluse spiders in Texas?

Intern must’ve been promoted from reprinting cover art to new character ideas.

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I pictured most spiders as lovely ole Charlotte who spent her last bit of energy saving that Humble, Radiant pig Wilbur…until I traveled to Okinawa and encountered Banana Spiders and their terrifying webs walking patrol at night…
Now I crush em all. Still gives me nightmares.
This character looks silly imo.

Yeah lots of those, and coral and copperheads, just in the backyard :wink: