Mo Betta: Teen Titans #12 vs Rebirth 4th print

Today let’s talk what is the more iconic Joker book long term Teen Titans #12 1st Full Batman Who Laughs or Rebirth #1 4th print first 3 Jokers cover. Both deal with Joker both are scorching hot what do you think is the Mo Betta book and why?

Is this even up for debate ?

I can not, for the life of me, figure out why Rebirth 4th print is being sought.
‘First cover with a picture that depicts the title of another mini series’ has never been my thing.
What site or app pumped that Rebirth book?



Until/unless Three Jokers gets a big screen adaptation, I would be very surprised to see Rebirth 4th print outpace TT 12 over the long haul.


Three Jokers aren’t new characters. It’s the revaluation that there were three (or maybe more as we see in the story) over time.

I have the 4th print and I do think it’s a key, but not TT12 level.

Teen Titans 12 is a beast I don’t need to pump it up in anyway, but Rebirh #1 4th print is very tiny print run with a solid black back cover making 9.8s that much harder. Will be interesting to see how the 3 Jokers storyline plays out if people will still care when the miniseries wraps up. Batman Who Laughs is an iconic retelling of the Joker that has cemented its place in DC history for generations to come.

Comichron states a print run of 7670 for Rebirth 4th print.

How did you know it was the 4th print?

Looking at the release dates on cgc slabs the 4th print says 10/16 there was no Rebirth on October’s comichron list there was one on September’s list the 7760copies, there is another one on August comichron list I assume the 3rd print at 11k copies.

Those numbers can still include previous printings that were available.

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