Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too) (Part 2)

Dry hours as well. Godzilla vs MMPR II #1 just left paired with a higher price DC Black Label Superman Year One from 2019. Last night I’m trying to slip out the store a few minutes early and one of the guys who got all 4 Final Prints for Justice League Godzilla came back for a 10 pack of top loaders that cost more than the 4 comics and grabbed 1 each a Wolverine and Venom Pop Cover cases that had been here for a year or two. Love the variety approach and how 4 comics turned into and extra $60+ in bonus sales. He’s going to use the toploaders to hang the comics on the wall to make the poster look he said.

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Looks like it’s creeping up a little bit more. I still have 2 copies that I haven’t listed yet. I know if I list them they would sell but I kinda like having this in my collection. Character design looks great, has all the potential in the world. Hearing that we’ll be seeing her relationship to Storm in UBP soon. This is Momoko’s creation and since she’s the writer for UXM, I can see her doing everything she can to make her a hit.

I’m interested to see if UXM #2 ever does anything

Every cover is in stock at Diamond right now so you know PRH is stocked to the rafters. There’s no way UX2 was ordered lightly.

The little green thing is Diamond for order all you want, we got plenty.


Nice… I got 2 copies. Going to put one up on Offerup and see if I get any bites. 9.8 candidates for sure.

Midtown has the incentive for $18 if anyone wants it

I’ve got a 25 and 3 of the 10’s coming Monday. I’m assuming most stores grabbed them. I doubt they’ll be in short supply either.

I forgot where I left the mention of Boom’s sale but it appears they’re doing a flat 20% of ratio for all their sale prices. 10’s for $2, 50’s for $10, 500’s for $100, etc… Not really giving those away.

I sold mine for $50. Guess I should have waited a few more days. Oh well.

I like the similar momoko cover to UXM2 better anyway, which is why I let x-men 27 go.

Funny how I had that book listed originally for $15 and no one wanted it back in December…so I pulled it thinking g is try again later. So I’m ahead on that account.

Hmmmmmm… this is interesting. So Ultimate Universe 1 is trending up (thanks to a preview of a cameo of Maystorm). I’m feeling Maystorm might be a hit. Best to keep an eye on the market before selling your Maystorms so quickly.

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That’s pretty much true for any 1st app that’s telegraphed. I never thought Hallow’s Eve would do anything either with the long lead in time

Trust me, I’ve waited to sell stuff thinking it could only get hotter and then it bites me in the butt, hard. You made money? Then you did well!

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which issue? just curious,man.

Nah dead spec. Sell it fast when the price skyrockets for no reason at all. Gonna be worth nothing within 3-6 months

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Ultimate X-Men #2 Noto

I’m going to hang on just a little bit longer and monitor the market. As soon as I see a dip I’ll set it free.

Avengelyne 1 getting cleaned out on ebay. Gotta be quick, some cheap copies left

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Ugh… now I gotta look through my sea of drek boxes to see if I kept my issues or not.


Guh…time to dust off those short boxes full of New Men, Bloodpool, and The Creech…and start looking for this title…


Just checked - Avengelyne went out the door with my huge yard sale. Oh well.

However, right next to “Maximum Press” is “Mirage” and I found 90% of the Mirage City At War 13 issue TMNT series from the late 80s which I forgot I had. So that’s a win!


Of all the random comics to make into movies. We’ve got her now from right outta the dollar bins!