Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too) (Part 2)

I would agree. While not the best rendition of her relative to how she looks inside…I think the bow/ribbon/hairclip thing is the kicker. :+1:

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I wonder if monopojackson is convinced yet


One needs to convince him (and me) that this is a significant new character. The current market has new characters appearing left, right, and center. Chase them all and you can fill long boxes pretty quickly.

Not that there can’t be spec there… you just need to buy at cover and flip quickly, if it looks like the significance of the character is limited.


Of course. If you think I’m buying every new character that comes out, I’d be in the poor house. I try to project who could stick around and actually have a following

My secret to success is I wait until a character is hot then scour all my spots online or in-person for copies that aren’t snatched-up yet. I usually fail at this, but it is extremely low-risk in terms of I only buy it if it is already hot and I can find it in little secret places.


That’s exactly what I do. Did that with Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

excellent strategy :grin:

The design can be a giveaway to what will be popular. How many 1st appearances with a lame design do anything?

That would be so ridiculous to try and grab the first apps of the modern characters… when I first started collecting…I did…poor naive s.o.b. Yeah, like you said…poor house. I think it would just be poor, no house.


Think there’s a misconception that this spec/flip mentality is the only exhibited behavior in the market.

There are those with excess cash who don’t care about their book gaining in value. They’re the ones buying the copies at FMV for their collections. Without these types of collectors, there is no spec.


I picked up three today. It’s a thing. Once lists start talking about it I imagine my copies will sell.

I got x27 on the way. Hopefully, it works out

I got 6 on the way myself.

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I left several at a couple shops, hopefully they’ll be there when I go back.

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Fine, I’ll look for some copies, ya’ll convinced me!

Got my SA copies in today.


Looks like a decent flip!


I need to hit the shop tomorrow. Sold two SA Bloodlines already. Gonna pick up Dooms


Glad I had Doom on pull. Not a copy anywhere on shelves around me. The shop I typically have zero issues finding books after release told me they’ve even had people call about it (this is more of a gaming store).