Modern Comics Heating Up (Those With Potential Too) (Part 2)

I was wondering why our SW5 Broderick variant sold last night. I was like whatever, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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yeah there were a lot of them selling in the last 24 hours.

Is the 1:25 Bradshaw now also selling well? Have to wonder if the incentive bug catches people next and feel like they have to hop on that train.

I have one on the way and if its a 9.8 candidate, I may get it graded and see what I can get it for it.

Ultimate Spider-man #1 back in stock at Midtown

with a huge price increase…

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$25 for the Manhanini? Thats not terrible. Thats the real first cover…most don’t know it yet.

Issue 2 comes out next week?


So, do you all think Ultimate X-Men 1 will be the next hot book? Maybe the Ultimates 1 this Spring? Or maybe the novelty of the Ultimate Universe has worn off a bit? Seems unsustainable.

People will try and push it, might as well buy cheap copies and see what happens

Sure hoping number 2 makes the B cover pop when they see he’s wearing that costume and not the red and blue…but who knows, no one seems to value his actual first appearance more than US1 either.

Curious to see if these Ultimate Spiderman #1 second prints keep moving.
Can’t understand it. So much time/ability to preorder it.

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I picked up a couple of the 2nd prints because they are selling. Smoke them if you got them.

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What makes you think the B cover is his actual suit? Isn’t he on the cover of issues 2-5, all wearing the standard blue/red suit?

Because in the actual story he is given the blank black pico suit (which can change into whatever he wants but he hasn’t done that yet) so the B cover is the only cover to show the actual pico suit. Issue 2 should probably reinforce this… I’m wondering if all the covers in the classic red and blue aren’t maybe a misdirect and we get a new design for the suit once he decides what to change the pico suit into.

Hoping it hold on long enough for me to move my copies of ultimate invasion…still have #1 2nd, #3 Acuna, #3 1:50 and #4 kang cover.

My shop was closed today, so hoping to get there when the open and grab a SW5.

I grabbed more Ultimate books today. Gonna list them when I am done spoilers:

Which ones? No more Acunas. Mine has sat as the lowest priced copy by $6 for days…I should have under cut. :wink:

yeah, I got some of each cover.

Not really. Ultimate Spider-man hit the streets on the 10th, they FOC’d the second print on the 15th while many stores still had stock on hand from the 1st print so many didn’t order. I’ve got 6 on back order I don’t expect to get but I didn’t order 2nds until I was about sold out of 1sts. I didn’t order 3rds either since it appears it’ll be massively over printed by people chasing that 25 ratio.

At least for Ultimate X-men #1 which they already feel they want a 2nd print of, they’re delaying FOC until the 19th, 2 weeks after street date on the 5th for the 1st print.

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I guess I need to realize things from a store side/folks to don’t monitor stuff the way many of us do.

From my perspective/they way my mind works…the books was pretty red hot, flying off shelves, and it was very clear that there was a small window of time (like you said about 5 days) to ensure that 2nd print was ordered.

In those situations, it’s always a priority for me to make sure I have at least one or two secured.

Fully realize an individual’s ordering/securing a title is much easier than a large scale like you have to worry about.


What are you even saying ? Marvel literally announced the 2nd print yesterday…and FOC is 5 days later

And I told you guys to order 1,000 copies of the 1st print !!! :yum:

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