Modern Comics Not Heating Up

I don’t think my desire to NOT read something has ever been this strong.


Adapt or Die wooky…adapt or die…

Guess I’m gonna die…

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fixed it for you


The look on their faces is like “You’re actually gunna read this?”

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This one’s being comforted because they just read it.

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Is there ANY excitement for these movie sequels?!? Maybe 8 years ago, but these have colossal bomb written all over them. The first one was pretty to see due to the novelty of 3D at the time. And, the story was fine. But, now? More? Yeesh.


Oh man. I have so many copies of the Wolverine villain from a couple of years ago. Solem? There is also a big stack of a marvel voices that had some dead spec. Tons and tons of dead spec Indy comics. Certainly not heating up!


Indies are tricky. Wait a couple years for an option announcement and sell as soon as you can.


I had no excitement to see the first one, and still haven’t seen it.

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You could smear blue paint on your TV and watch Dances With Wolves and you’d probably have the same message with a better experience.

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We know there is at least one man in Canada who is excited:


Mental Disease is real people…


I have heard much of the sequel involves underwater action/scenery/civilizations. I’ll watch it simply because I’ve always enjoyed that type of cinema and I’m sure it will be amazing just from a cinematography angle. Cameron is good at that stuff.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, battle at the end of James Bond Thunderball, Man from Atlantis, Surface (I sure wish they wouldn’t have cancelled that), the Clone battles on Mon Calamari. Just something about the mystery of the ocean depths (even if it is a different planet lol)

This is disturbing…

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This is the character’s 4th appearance. KCC is now calling it a 1st full. The comic has been out for a month.


Thats Henry. We kicked him out a long time ago. :man_shrugging:

I think that’s a deflect… I think Drunkwooky came across photos of the elusive jcLu.

KCC’s call on this is pure shit.


Can a fourth appearance be a first full appearance? The character is the spotlight character for Strange Academy #18. There is a new series and this character might stick around in the next series. Strange Academy 16 now is on the discount rack. If the character takes off will it be cameo 1,2,3, or the fourth appearance because KCC says it is a full?