Monica Rambeau

We saw Monica Rambeau in the new Wandavision Trailer, so I started looking into getting her first appearance- which is Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16. I see that she also has some 1st appearances as different new characters. Spectrum—1st appearance is Mighty Avengers 1(2013). Photon— 1st appearance is Avengers Unplugged 5 (1996). Pulsar- 1st appearance is New Thunderbolts 9 (2005). The obvious spec value is ASM Annual 16. Does anyone think any of these other character appearances have any chance of going up in value? My thought goes towards Spectrum since it is the most recent and current character used, Marvel would want to use that character. And maybe it won’t be a $100 book, but going from a dollar bin book to a $20 book is something. Thoughts?

I read somewhere that she’s likely to eventually take on her mom’s pilot codename in the MCU, which is Photon. That’s all I’ve got.

Yeah, the Photon easter egg was kinda a sign, if you ask me. I’m sure whichever hero moniker she eventually takes, the corresponding book will see some love too. ASM Annual 16 is the book to own for Monica Rambeau, imo.

She’s had a lot of titles. ASM Annual #16 and then whichever role she takes in the show will be key books for sure…

I’d think the ASM is the big one to go after, maybe?

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ASM 16 is where my money is.

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