Moon Knight, She-Hulk & Ms. Marvel potentially headed to the big screen


CBR wrote about this a few days ago. In a small article it stated that Moon Knight, She-Hulk & Ms. Marvel would also join the MCU to coincide with their shows. This may or may not be news to most and it is CBR so take it with a grain of salt because they don’t always get things right.

If this is accurate and the Disney plus Marvel shows not just co-exist in the same world as the MCU but actually interact with it that would be pretty awesome! It would also increase demand for these characters first appearances even more and that is saying a lot! The wishful thinking of having Blade along side Moon Knight may not be so far fetched after all! Just how freakin awesome would that be?!? I could also see an A-force show pop up at some point as well. That’s guess work, but ya never know.

So, if true are you stoked abut this and what else would you like to see on Disney Plus regarding the MCU?

Moon Knight’s first appearance is Werewolf By Night #32. She Hulk’s first appearance is She Hulk vol 1 #1. Ms Marvel’s most accepted first is Captain Marvel #14 ( Khamala Khan cameo).

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I want a Latveria Dr Doom show and an animated (insert name here) destroys the Marvel universe weekly cartoon.

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I like the idea of “_____” Destroys the Marvel Universe!

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Disney plus may have to delve more into the cosmic side to get the layman Marvel movie fan up to speed on everything that may go down. Live action or animated I would really enjoy seeing more of what makes the Marvel U tick on the cosmic side!

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