Moon Knight Speculation - Hunters Moon

As a life long Moon Knight fan, I’ve been anticipating this new volume that’s about to hit store shelves in another two weeks. The first issue just recently went through it’s first FOC and I’ve been fed a little info on possible first appearance.

Moon Knight #1 (print run is gonna be big and ratios still available at TFAW) apparently will have the first appearance (was not told if it’s a cameo or full) of Hunters Moon. Not familiar with this character? Well, neither are we since he’s new but you likely already seen what he looks like as they’re on the main cover of the recently released Moon Knight #3 which is a homage cover.

Here’s the solicitation for Moon Knight #3:

An apostate priest, Moon Knight has taken on Khonshu’s duty as his own. To the people he protects, this is a blessing. To Hunter’s Moon, this is sacrilege. It is no small thing, to betray a god and take on his role. And when the Fist of Khonshu offers shelter to vampires, the ancient enemies of the Moon God? The Moon Knight requires correction, and Hunter’s Moon will bring him back to the right path - whatever it might take.

Now I wasn’t give many details other than they appear in the first issue and that’s the character on the cover of the 3rd issue. We all know Marc Spector is not all there in the head with his Dissociative Identity Disorder, basically personality disorder so this will get interesting for him to battle what Screenrant dubbed as his “dark opposite”.

I think this new Hunters Moon could be a really cool character that compliments Moon Knight being that he’s the Fist of Khonshu and a likely opposite.

No word if he appears in Moon Knight #2 but we should probably keep it on our radar.


Outstanding! I love comics, but MK is my guy, and I am very excited to see a new evolution in the story. As much as I don’t think I cared for the Sun God, I wouldn’t mind seeing his return…or at least some help in doing something with Black Spectre.

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The rendition on MK #3 reminds me of McFarlane’s Haunt.

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For, “Opposites,” of Moon Knight I usually think of Black Spectre or the latest foe, Sun God. I’m intrigued by this new foe seeing as Spectre is dead to my knowledge (I know few characters ever stay dead) and I hated Bemis’ run with the Sun God.

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My Black Spectre theory is only based on Egyptian resurrection, which would fit in the pantheon. I still think there is some interesting story in the doctor heretic that was following Sun God; she could be a great problem character for Spector to have to deal with.

Yeah, I’m curious why screenrant dubbed him was the Dark Opposite. Wondering if they got advanced copies perhaps… guess we’ll find out.

I bet the new character makes his first cameo In Moon Knight #1 and first appears in Moon Knight #2


Full page named cameo on the last page.


Full page and a name is a cameo? Is that what we think on this?

I have spoilers. Deeper than that. Give me 15 minutes and check the main site

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i willing to give you 5 minutes 15 ? your killing me smalls

Had to get a kid in the bath

But once you get them in (which is the hard part), you can’t get them to get out… am I right?


Just saw the spoilers, this is pretty clear cut a first full appearance for hunters Moon.

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Based on the spoilers, I’m definitely in the first full appearance camp. Let’s see how many people argue it’s a cameo since the print run will be so high.

Spec is dead on the first print. Wait for the 2nd print with H&M on the cover.

My argument is it’s a full appearance of the character who is revealed to be Hunters Moon in a cameo of the costume.

Suck on that egg, CGC!



Every feakin time! At least by the time mine is done I’ve been splashed so much I don’t have to take a shower.

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*sigh * …yea…#1 would technically be a 1st appearance…since all the bases are covered.

I’m waiting for the 2nd/3rd/4th prints though


So the Jewish American wears a white hood and fights the educated Black man. :unamused:

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didn’t see it that way, that’s not a good look…

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