Moon Knight Spoilers and Spec

Did anyone else notice that Crawley was listed as a character in the credits? My guess is that he’s the “statue” that Steven was talking to or possibly the broom seller blocking his front door.

Yes, hes the gold statue guy

Apparently not

My bad - Looks like Richard Langly - one of the Lone Gunmen of X-files…

Very strong 2nd Episode really digging Ethan Hawke


Midnight Man is coming up in episode 3…

Yup, first appearance in Moon Knight #3 which is still pretty affordable.


episode 4 … gonna be mental :wink:

just finished ep 2. Im all in on this show.

great 2nd episode :crescent_moon:

I enjoyed the 2nd episode but actually enjoyed the first a bit more. I think it was just how we had to get a lot of exposition out of the way. I’m excited for next week!

That went dang fast…starting to pine over there only being 6 episodes now.

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Still waiting for Jake Lockley, lol.

He survived the snap

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Was that Marc’s wife who called him near the end of episode 1?

now i can sleep at night

Watch episode 2

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Did anyone scan the QRL code (or whatever it’s called) on the door to the storage locker? I’m guessing another free digital comic but I don’t have the tech to do it. Episode 1 had a code in the museum, in case someone didn’t know.

It leads you to a digital version of Werewolf by Night #32

In the second episode you get WWBN #33