Moongirl and devil dinosaur cast announcement

1st apps
moon girl and devil dinosaur #1 (Lunella Lafayette)
devil dinosaur #1 (devil)


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1
Devil Dinosaur #1

Let’s sit back and watch the roller coaster ride of value… :wink:

Voice actor from Boondocks who voices Unckle Ruckus going to play a character named Pops

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About F’n time. Been hearing about this for YEARS.

I’m actually excited to watch this with my young daughter and son. I think they’ll love it. And I’d they don’t I’m dumping the entire run of the series I’ve been collecting from dollar bins and clearance sales the past few years.

Including my 9.8 copy of issue #1. :grin:


Animated show…pass.
Better sell now…

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It’s just the beginning. It’s likely to be a hit…and that’ll lead into a live action movie. Only a matter of time.

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Yeah they’ll all see bumps but it can be short lived. Nows the time for selling and not buying.

I sold my Moongirl Devil #1 long ago and made out pretty decently since I originally got the 1:25 variant for cover price…

I think making it an animated show works tho, and better for spec. It might not be huge like mcu movies but tmnt has been doing good for decades with different cartoons


this also set up other comics like strange academy for a cartoon in near future. plus if people like it a move into mcu will happen

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posted mine up for sale rtoday.
It’s a signed #1 Midtown copy…
I also have a signed 9.6 Hip Hop Variant for sale on there,

A 2nd print sold for $255 on April 17

I need to figure out how to get away from the VULTURE

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i just noticed that I’m the only one who has signed Moon Girl comics on the bay in the US… other than that one GREEN LABEL…

scratch that… nope…



looks pretty good, can see kids liking that alot


Good for kids, but they dont spend $$$ on 1st appearances.

Animation looks like garbage.


I agree 100%. Awful lot of folks spending good money on those first and second prints of #1 (and variants) and I’m just not thinking it’s money well spent given all the other options to throw money at.


I dig the animation. Reminds me of Dexter’s Laboratory.


I dumped my Moongirl books long ago at decent profit, I’m happy! :slight_smile:

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Looks like opening credits animation. I’m sure the rest of the series will be toned down like that last part.

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