More beans to spill

In case you can’t find em there’s still some here if you need a stack.

You like this one long-term? I bought 1 copy but was thinking of snagging another.

It’s 1st appearance of Captain Marvel’s sister already selling $15 on eBay.

I’ve never bought from FP. How does shipping costs run?

It’s a uk retailer so probably more than average price of shipping and a more than average shipping time. I haven’t used them in a couple years but never had any trouble with them.

Found some here

sold out Midtown. @collectorcave. Playsanity. Heroescave. Glad I preorder a few issues

Thanks! I picked up a couple more and cancelled my more expensive order with Forbidden Planet.

No doubt

Midtown has them back in right now. 1 per customer.

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I think midtown sells a lot then pulls it to change to 1 per. That’s there new thing lately.

Cool, thanks. Also picked up another peach momoko die 6 variant because why not?

Yeah. Seems like they did this strategy for CM 18. I got multiple copies across 3 places so I am set.

I grabbed a copy of each cover here…looks like they still have copies of cover A

Your link is broken…

Captain Marvel #18 Regular & the Mora Variant (which shows out of stock now)

Dunno…it worked for me. Still works.

Maybe you got some weird cookies… when I click it takes me to:

Got the same thing as Poyo when I clicked the link.

I’m not a computer guy. This is what I get.

Thanks for fixing the link though. That works too.

I tried the one Poyo put and that one worked.

Thanks both of you. I ordered one.