Mother of Madness by Emilia Clarke July 21

Hey all, looks like Emilia Clarke is making her comic debut with a 3 issue mini series with Image comics called Mother of Madness.

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Read the 4 pages preview and yeah the book is a mess. I’m going to pass for now.

Art looks terrible.


Emilia Clarke, a terrible choice to play Sarah Connor…would the real Sarah Connor please stand up.

Emelia desperately needed to hit the gym before massacring that role.

I saw people hearing about this asking, “How long till the option is announced?” Cynical, but accurate.

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2 days before foc

I am going to preorder one copy and see what happens. I don’t care if it doesn’t take off.

The right choice, @comicsZ! I always buy at least one copy of a new Image series just in case. I didn’t use to and when I heard about some new Zombie comic from the guy who wrote, “Irredeemable Ant-Man,” I figured it wasn’t worth bothering to grab as I like zombies but don’t love them. That comic was, “The Walking Dead.”


I’ll save you all a shit ton of scrolling:

I’ll buy it. I’m a big fan of Emilia Clarke. Largely due to her work on stroke recovery/promoting awareness of them.
Many folks don’t even realize she survived two separate strokes (SAH and an aneurysm). The fact that she not only survived these, but continued on with her career and all is nothing short of a miracle.

She’s a good egg.

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