Namor headed to MCU in phase 4?

Hey, gang. There has been reports that Marvel has put out a casting call breakdown for a character with the code name ‘David’. The casting breakdown is described as ‘a ruler of an ancient, distant Kingdom’. It is said that Marvel would prefer an actor of Asian decent, in between the ages of 30 - 40. Could this casting call be for Namor, the Sub Mariner?


This casting is also apparently for a phase 4 film that is already in pre production. This would leave Eternals, DS2 or Shang Chi as likely candidates for this casting breakdown. Of these properties, the most sense would be DS2 or Eternals.
With Eternals, this would make sense as the Eternals are responsible for sinking Atlantis during the Eternals’ 2nd Host Event.
DS2 would make sense as Namor and Strange were both a part of the original Defenders team.


@Alana, if it is Kang, and not Namor, what connection does Kang have to any the 3 current pre productions MCU projects, such that it may be Kang the Conqueror. Im not super familiar with Kangs history.

While I like Kang…tracking his history in the comics is a convoluted mess. I don’t know that I can see any ties to anything current based on comics & he isn’t of Asian descent (he had ties to Egypt but wasn’t of that lineage either. Now, if we were talking future Xmen he could play into Apocalypse however.
I personally like Namor…cool character. His attitude/arrogance would be fun. He also can work with so many things current & going forward. FF especially (his fondness for Sue, etc). Illuminati could work…Avengers vs Xmen, certainly his hate for Wakanda & Black Panther.
I’ve stockpiled a ton of the Hickman Avengers (especially #2 & #7), Black Panther (Hudlin) #21, AvX #7, Defenders #84. The hate between BP & Namor is so intense.

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Kang would make sense as a phase 4 villian. He could tie in some of the other MCU properties as well. Kang was / is a time traveler, he would be able to tie n : Avengers, Fantastic four and possibly ANt-man.

Knowing his history is like you said, complicated. they think he is a descendant of Reed Richards of the FF who found Dr Dooms time traveling machine and went back in time. He has multiple identitys. Rama-tut, Immortus are two that spring to mind.

With MCU rewriting characters its possible they scratch out the part of him being related to Reed Richards and just use an Asian actor.

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However, there still appears to be a Hulk-like loophole with Universal keeping the distribution rights to any Namor solo movie. That could very well stop the anti-hero from appearing in his own spin-off. Unless, that is, Marvel can work out a deal with Universal for the character – and seeing as a World War Hulk project has been teased through She-Hulk, as well as Namor now being a part of the MCU, it appears Marvel and Universal are playing ball.