Naomi #6 and Beyond

SO with the Last call for Naomi 6 being this coming monday ( for retailers to order), where do we think she will pop up and when? I have heard Young Justice and Teen Titans, but have yet to see any solicitation or mention of her in these books. Being a first team apperance, i dont want to miss ordering that book :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m a bit skeptical but I think she’ll lose more appeal if she goes off to a teenage type team. But that’s just me thinking out loud, I’m usually wrong more than I’m right.

Brian Michael Bendis tweeted yesterday that Naomi will be in both Young Justice and Action Comics a lot in between #6 and her next solo series.

I feel like Bendis has developed the character as to not be a part of a ‘team’. I think she will show up in Young Justice as a springboard for more character development then having her go out on her own, for her to explore her power set, her past and her direction-going forward.

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-Good question
-Good point
… whatever/whenever itll probably include Superman,or better yet SuperBOY! Or girl but they would all be teens right? (Do Superboy & girl age?):face_with_raised_eyebrow: