Naomi Final Printings Giveaway

Up for grabs is Naomi #2 and #3 Final Print books to one winner.

The stinking rules:

  1. One entry per person by commenting within this topic. Not on Facebook or Twitter, but on the forums right here. Just click the blue reply button. Comment with your name, a joke, whatever you want to comment. Talk about Naomi, Bendis, DC, etc.
  2. Buyer agrees if international to chip in for shipping costs or it goes to next randomly drawn entrant. Within the U.S. shipping is paid for by me, agentpoyo.
  3. Winner will be announced in the comments and I’ll send an email as well (which has to be valid to register on the forums); no response from winner after 24 hours, we’ll select another winner.

Jason Zimmerman

Bill Zwissler

Christian Gonzales

Joseph Fraser

good book to have on any print

Daniel Majeskey

Todd Wilson

John Dye

Maybe these will be the books that put my kid through college! Rob H

JT Rodgers!

Dan Fogarty

And here I was, happy enough to find another site dedicated to Comic Book spec. Giveaways, too?


D Pounds

Thank You!

Everyone is souring on Naomi and jumping on the Pearl train. Just wait until Naomi expands into the DC universe. Those prices should go back up.

Gregory Baez

Steve Alicea

Miecree Cannon


Now, this is my kind of a giveaway! Thanks, Jack B.

I love these