Naomi Final Printings Giveaway

Dax Hansen

Ian Alaniz

I’m here. What happened to Anthony’s videos?

Little League and I believe he was not feeling well.

Paul Spurgeon

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Ralph “Naomi!” Cutler

Vern Rush

Kevin Verdine

Jeff Knight

My Name is Mud

Jimmy Chen

Is the Leviathan 1shot worth getting? I just want the Jimmy Olsen lead in to his new title.
I’d be happy to win this contest if you’re listening contest gods.

Corey Koperski

Jeff Bellon, and im kicking myself I didn’t get into this story sooner. I have thankfully been able to read the back issues and have started collecting since #4

And the randomly chosen winner is:

Todd Wilson

Congratulations. You got 24 hours to contact me to claim your prize or we give it to someone else.

James Wright

Heh… Your about a week to late. :wink: