Naomi spec is dead, long live Naomi!

May have been beaten to death in other threads and other areas of the site, but let’s take an analytical, historical look at this book to hopefully somewhat predict it’s future.

Raw sales data (via Covrprice)

9.8 Sales (via GPAnalysis)

Both prices have dived, I’m guessing due to market saturation. A solo title beyond the limited series has been confirmed and Bendis has already exposed that Naomi will be a key player in future DCU goings-on.

Short-term, quick-flippers have stubbed this market down from up to $588 down to a low of $125 in a matter of a month.

A Historical Comparison

Teen Titans 12
I’m choosing to compare to Teen Titans 12 because while the characters are extremely different, they were both spun out of a “side-universe” and created by heavy hitters in the DC ‘bullpen’.

Teen Titans 12 Historical 9.8 Sales (from GPA)

Pre-Batman Who Laughs Series announcement:
High of ~$400 to a low of ~$100

Post Batman Who Laughs #1 Released:
High of ~$700 to low of ~$300 with a true average of ~$400 conservatively.

This is just data. Draw your own conclusions, but I will be holding on Naomi #1 until at least the release of the first issue of her ongoing series. The spec on this book is not dead in my opinion, we’re just seeing people racing to the bottom to get out quick.

What thinkest thou?

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I’ve made plenty of profit from the Naomi’s I’ve sold so far. I’ve kept one for the long term gamble. If it becomes worthless, well, it literally cost me nothing at this point.

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Very nice. Only one minor flaw I see, and that’s not separating cover A from Cover B as there is a difference in price of nearly 2:1. ($200 for A, $100 for B).

But that doesn’t change the overall trends which I think is your main point. Don’t give in to FOMO and desperation to turn a small profit. If anything watch eBay and maybe hit one of those 8-10% back deals and invest at bargain basement prices NOW.

I saw a TT12 at my LCS right before the series came out…$50…went back the next day to get it and it was gone. A few days later raws were approaching $200…

I have my own copy, but I think it’s at best a 9.4. Any thoughts I had of upgrading are long gone.

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I only pulled Cover A Prices on both books. Cover B on both ironically only peak for the price that the Cover A dipped to (@agentpoyo 's words ring true - Cover A all the way) .

The time to ‘invest’ was the Wednesday afternoon they came out. Other than that, the second wave is right now while prices are low and people are freaking out and dumping their 9.8s and raws.

Since I bought for cover and press on my own, I’m only in cost of book + grading it’s only profit from here, but I’m also living in a coulda/woulda/shoulda mind-space where I want to sell on a crest.

I’ve got longboxes full of cheaper raw books that I can sell all day to keep me busy, makes patience a little easier.

Shameless plug: If you want to see what I’ve got listed check me out on Instagram

Fantastic analysis, @PanelPunx. Thank you for sharing it.
I still have complete faith in this character and this book (naomi #1A). I sold a bunch at its peak, and am going to sit on the rest of my copies. Lets see where this book goes…

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Do you think we’ve hit the bottom for this book, or will it drop lower still? I need to finally pick up a copy, but don’t know if it’s better to wait until after the mini finishes.

If there’s a gap from this ending until she pops up in the next title, I think we might see some gradual droppage in value potentially.

another 51 copies of cover A in 9.8 were added to census this week. i suspect prices will hover around 140-150 until flood is over. but it wont last long. just like they have for bwl DC is gonna push this character. and a hero is a hell of a lot easier to push than a villain

I doubt it will jump in price until a follow up series is official. So I’d just watch ebay sales close to monitor he trend…stable…up…down…or take advantage of a 10-15% cash back/eBay bucks offer…

Keep an eye out for auctions that end on holidays…like 4th of July…less people are paying attention or care about what’s happening in ebay giving you a better shot.

If it were me, I would keep an eye on 9.8s that have best offers, wait for that 10-15% ebay promotional offer then start making offers at $5-$10 less than he lowest buy-it-now price at that time…could save yourself $30-$40.

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Do you know how to qualify for 10-15 ebay cash? I never get those offers.

I feel like the occasional ebay coupons that used to be at least somewhat regular have nearly vanished at this point. I get the intermittent “gain ebay bucks” still, but other than that…nada.

They must have had shareholder meetings coming up. I haven’t seen one and everyone inside eBay I’ve asked said they don’t have a set schedule for release. Don’t count on one until revenue drops.


It’s been a while so since they had a flat out coupon for cash or % discount. Most of them are eBay bucks now…and rarely go above 8% off unless you use the eBay app.

Speaking of which, one came out today!!

8% eBay bucks credit on regular purchases above $25, 13% ebay bucks credit if you use the app.

Trying to square away a deal now…someone that doesn’t have a best offer option in asking for a discount comparable to similar items for sale.

To get the eBay bucks offers you have to sign up for eBay bucks. It’s simple and doesn’t cost you anything.

Then sign up for the app. You may get something back for your first purchase…not sure.

Also, you can get up to 2% back if you use the Ebates app to make an eBay purchase…if you don’t want to use the eBay app.

Haha… Bleeding Cool kissin’ Bendis’ ass by referring to him as “The Great One”…

He ain’t got nothing on Wayne Gretzky…

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And as much as I’d love another dell,Otto cover, I’m going with Cover A on this one.

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