NBA 2019-2020 Chatter and Discussion

For all you NBA fans out there, let’s do any NBA chatter and discussions here since we got an NFL and NHL threads going.

I added all the NBA emoji’s as well. I’ll work on getting the NHL as well.

Go :mavs:

Am I the only one that watches basketball? I don’t buy it… Pfftttt!

Mavs looking good so far. Doncic and Porzingas look like a great pairing.

Go :mavs:

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The Mavs will be a tough team to beat this season. I can see them upsetting a few teams in the playoffs. When the two young stars build more chemistry together they will be scary. Oh yea… go Lakers :lakers:

lakers need to get harden…or lebron and AD go to houston…then we can have “the face” as an nba big 3 super team (crown + brow + beard)

Unfortunately the Rockets won’t be trading Harden anytime soon. Even if they were to trade him, the Lakers don’t have enough assets to acquire him.

The Champs are here…The Champs are here… :raptors: :crown:

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It’s crazy how you get two good players that have good chemistry, they make everyone around them better players.

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Just to throw it out there… Harden is highly overrated. The dude flops his way to the free throw line… dives me nuts. He scored 19 points in his first game, 14 of those were FT.

Houston is doomed… you now have the two biggest ball hogs in the league on the same team. Westbrook as a PG should not be getting 16 rebounds a game. He plays for himself and his stats, not for the better good of the team. His style of play along with Hardens will never bring them a championship.


Harden and Westbrooks style is the complete opposite of Kawhis easy going, efficient, team first, championship style. Lebron, as overrated as he is, even knows that you need 5 contributors on the floor at all times, in order to win championships.

And two of those contributors must be All-Stars… :wink:

That certainly does not hurt, @agentpoyo. Raptors two All Stars, last season, were Lowry and Kawhi. But, is Lowry an All Star because of his talent, or because of the system and team he is on? Maybe a little of both. But, I certainly did not hear anyone talking about Torontos ‘big 2’ at any point last season.

The :clippers: I think are the team to beat in the West though…

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The Mavericks should not have beaten Denver but I’ll take the win. I think it’s awesome that every single player except Powell (he was limited minutes coming off injury) had double digit scoring.

The last game they should have won to start season 4-0 but Portland is a tough team, sucks being up by almost 20 at one point to lose by a few points.

Your MAVS look good this year, do you follow NCAA as well? March madness is one of my favourite times of year… :basketball: GO RAPS :trophy:

Yes… Tarheels fan here!

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LOWRY’S getting traded before deadline this year guaranteed, that’s why they gave him a contract extension they can’t sell him as a rental. That RAPS team last year was a collective… Points came from everywhere, especially the bench. That squad ran deep, plus minimal injuries… That’s why we hoisted the LARRY OB! (Never gets old saying) WORLD CHAMPS!!

We’re on a total rebuild and we’re still a top contender in the east. SIAKAM, VANFLEET, OG ANUNOBY will all settle in… We have tons of cash for GIANNIS UFA in 2021and MASAI already has a long standing relationship with his family all the way back to NIGERIA. Newspapers are just reporting this but I’ve been hearing this for a year easily… Watch and see… They said we’d never get KAWHI, never forget that people… The LARRY OB is coming back to CANADA you best believe that… The future is NORTH :maple_leaf: In the meantime it’s a dog fight, I like the CLIPPERS and SPURS for the west and RAPS, SIXERS, BUCKS in the east… Gonna be a great year of hoops either way, the league is more balanced this season, be well everyone… :basketball:

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Great team. Tell me you have a sweet MJ #23 NC jersey… If I was a tar heels fan I would probably own every colorway imaginable. :goat:

It’s funny, born and bred as a Tarheel but I’m not a big Jordan fan…

Yeah… and the West is stacked… it’s really hard to know who’s going to come out on top.

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